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A world of wishes at your command.
God and his angels close to hand.
Friends and family their love impart,
and Irish blessings in your heart!

~~Irish Blessing~~

Friday, February 29, 2008

The Way of the Cross

While I was on retreat last weekend, we were able to attend an organ recital in the Abbey Church. Marilyn Mason was the artist who gave the recital and was the first to perform on the organ after it had been newly install in 1963. She had numerous 1st's, but the one that stands out most vividly for me was the fact that she had been Professor of Organ at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor since 1947. She is the longest tenured professor in the university's 190 year history. This gifted, demure lady was still educating others in the art of music!

Fr. Gavin was the narrator for the recital and we all sat in anticipation of the music as well as the narration and pictures that would accompany it. Though Fr. Gavin's voice fairly "sang" as he spoke the words of the stations, the pictures were heartrending. The music itself was the most dissonant and discordant I had ever experienced. Yes, experienced. For in the hour and one-half that I listened to the music, I found I was in pain. There was nothing beautiful about this music. It hurt the ears and the organ fairly cried in pain itself. With each station, though I hoped the next offering would be less harsh, but I knew better. And at the end, I was exhausted!

The stations are never easy, but on reflection, and I did reflect for some time on this, I found it was not about the music. No, this was the screaming of pain our Lord must have experienced each time he was mocked, scourged, spit upon, crowned, and marched under the weight of the cross to his death. And for what? Yes, indeed for what? It was all for the salvation of my soul. All so that one day I might see Him face to face. He did this out of love for me, in Love of me.

Finally, I realized again that this is why the Resurrection is such a joyful reality. We must endure the pain of this life in order to experience the joy of our Resurrection. Hallelujah!!
For the Love of Jesus I say,
"Thanks be to God."

Addendum: For those who are interested I found a information about the composer of the Stations of the Cross. It is very good. The essay is at Music at the Chapel of the Cross.


  1. ... to experience the joy and to WANT to experience the joy:)

  2. Challenges in my life can be painful at times. But I keep telling myself, everything is perfect in the world because God has planned everything. Whatever it is I am going through I believe it's all a way for me to realise God's master plan.

    Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and for leaving your comments. Have a fabulous weekend!

    A Pinay In England
    Your Love Coach
    The Goddess In You

  3. Lovely scuplture. I would have loved to hear that recital. I am an organist myself.

  4. You know, Mike, I wondered, too, how hard it must have been to learn to play the piece. It was always hard for me to learn to play something I didn't like or I personally declared was not "pretty" music. This was EXTREME!


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