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May you have:
A world of wishes at your command.
God and his angels close to hand.
Friends and family their love impart,
and Irish blessings in your heart!

~~Irish Blessing~~

Sunday, February 10, 2008

What a weekend!!!

Astronomers in training, Ainsely, Neil, and Lindsey

"I can't see it, Grandpa."

"Where, Grandpa?"

We had a grand time!!! Ron was safely delivered home from his trip to Arizona for the Rock and Mineral Show by Wes, Annie and the girls. Annie and Wes went to her 10th reunion at USI (University of Southern Indiana, across town) and the Girls and I got to play.

While Ron was gone to the Source and Summit High School Retreat as part of the 4th Degree Knights of Columbus honor guard, we were joined by Roy and Neil for a visit. Laura called while they were here to tell Roy that the Memorial High School Decathlon Academic team came in 2nd in the state with an opportunity to go to Hawaii! And even though Kellie (my granddaughter had only been on the team for two rehearsals due to a team injury) the Memorial girls dance team came in 6 out of 7 teams (just the first of the competitions).

Well, the topic of looking through Grandpa's telescope apparently came up during the trip home yesterday, so about 7:30 last noc Roy and Ron took the telescope outside (1st time the sky had been clear in some time) so the girls could see the stars...No moon, it was too early. Neil quickly pointed out the constellation Orion (he's almost 8) and the task of positioning the telescope started. But woe, it was not to be. The girls, 5 and 3 years old respectively, could not see the star. Ainsley and Lindsey, did not know how to view through the eye piece. One doesn't consider that as a skill to be learned, but indeed if you are that age I guess there should be some lessons in "Looking Through a Telescope Eyepiece." At any rate they gave it a try and the girls were happy no matter the outcome.

And as in all families there are those moments when laughter is so healing...We could not find Lindsey's other shoe before Mass this morning. Try as we might, and pray as we did, we could not find her shoe. So, Lindsey was carried into church. No one seemed to notice this shoeless child, so she was no worse for wear. And the shoe was found almost immediately after we returned home...where else but in the closet!! Don't ya love it?!


For all the hugs and "I love you, Grandma"s I experienced this weekend, I say,
"Thanks be to God!!"

An Aside: If anyone has visited the site in the last two days, you have seen me experiment with the picture for my profile...Looked high and low for one that would be appropriate, but wasn't quite happy with them. Sure enough I sat down here just now and there it was all along. These three little guys have been on my computer for sooo long that I had overlooked them...So I introduce to you, Pat, Ian and Sean! Good day to you all!!


  1. Your grandkids are cute :-) I'm glad that Ron arrived home safely. Enjoy the rest of Lent! God bless!

  2. Oh, I would love to look through a telescope.

    I remember feeling very let down when I travelled to Alice Springs with a longing to see the Stars only for the weather to be overcast. I saw NO stars!

    What a wonderful thing for children to see..Must be amazing!

    Peace to you:)


  3. We did have a grand time...One day it will be warmer and the sky clearer and then the girls well be captivated by God's creation, too. It was such fun non-the-less!! Thank you both.

  4. I love your new profile photo...totally in sync with your title and site. Nice to meet you Pat, Ian, and Sean!

    Now, is that your husband's telescope? I am a little green with envy (in fact, right now I could the fourth in that profile photo!). I am always dragging my family outside to look at the evening sky...what I wouldn't do with a telescope!

    Have a great day, and God bless!

  5. I love your profile, too! Saw the little guys in some combox and knew immediately it had to be you! &:o) I've got to show the my brother Ron's telescope! That's a doozy!

  6. What a busy and wonderful weekend! Everyone is so active and involved in so many interesting things with their skills and talents - you all sound like you're bursting with energy and joy!

  7. Thanks be to God indeed who blesses us with so much!! Bless you.
    This I Do...

  8. Ron was pleased with the interest shown in his telescope. This a man who has always had his "head in the Clouds" and is aways looking up!!! and of course the reason we have the meteorites...Thank you all!!!

  9. A lovely homely post - God is here and there and everywhere and your granchildren are experiencing His gentle patient love in such interesting ways.
    I like your little threesome - sure they're great company!


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