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A world of wishes at your command.
God and his angels close to hand.
Friends and family their love impart,
and Irish blessings in your heart!

~~Irish Blessing~~

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Woman of the Day...

Mary Anointing Jesus Feet

Do you cower when you read the Gospel in which Mary boldly walks into a room full of people and proceeds to anoint the feet of Jesus? I find that I do. I am not courageous. Yet, here she is, the example for us all to follow (John 12:1-8).

"Mary took a pound of costly perfume made a pure nard, anointed Jesus' feet and wiped them with her hair."

Mary, you are outrageously bold. How did you dare such a display of intimacy--perfuming the feet of Jesus and toweling them with your hair, heedless of cultural rules and guests' comments? You passionately responded to Jesus' passion for the sick and lame, despised and outcast and the poor who are always around.

We sing the story of Jesus' Passion. But Jesus' passion led him bound and burdened to the hill of crucifixion. He walked the way of sorrows with fragrant feet. It is not a scene of polite, cool Christianity, rather the fire, brilliance and riskiness of passionate love. Mary, your boldness and tenderness teach us how to be in the presence of Jesus. When we gather with followers of Jesus, we can boldly and tenderly love and care and encourage. We can anoint each other for ministry with the poor, sick, oppressed and despised because we are people filled with holy passion.

Lord Jesus, we have experienced your life-giving passion. Our hears are fill with humbleness and thankfulness. Give us a passion for others that reflects you.

Elenore Sudbrock
Face to Face --Daily Lenten Devotions for Women


I thank God for those who minister to me. I thank God for those who encourage me in my poverty of faith, who bolster my weakness, who love me as He loves me!

Thanks be to Almighty God!!!


  1. I never thought of her as being courageous before but you are right!

  2. I tend to think all the "sinful" women mentioned are one and the same--the one who stuck by Jesus and His mother even at the Cross, defying every threat, still, for the sake of love and compassion, and who ultimately went back to the tomb and begged a Gardener for merciful info--and got the surprise of her life. I named one of my children after her, and apprenticed myself to her long before that, that I may learn bold love.

  3. Sending love your way, Cathy! This post was, in and of itself, fragrant!!! Yours is a tender, open heart!!

  4. Mike, I had never seen her in that way either, but it certainly gives us cause to ponder courage and the Gift of the Spirit in OUR lives.

    justme, "One and the same." That gives her even MORE dignity! WOW!

    laure, Thank you so much! It does offer us a chance to get a "whiff" of the Glory of God!

  5. THese are wonderful devotions, Cathy! Thank-you!

  6. "...polite, cool Christianity..."
    Saints preserve us, as my grandmother used to say! Thanks for ministering to us here, Cathy; I do believe you are more courageous than you may know.

  7. Lisa and Bia, thank you both for your kind words. God blesses me with the truly wise words of "others." Thank God for those who have gone before us!!! What wonderful witnesses they are for us!


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