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A world of wishes at your command.
God and his angels close to hand.
Friends and family their love impart,
and Irish blessings in your heart!

~~Irish Blessing~~

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Funny story about me!

I just came from a visit with Mike at This I Do. It was all about waiting on the Lord and receiving answers in his good time. It really struck home this morning. When I pray, you know, being patient is not what I do best. But of late He has been asking me to do just that.

I can give you a personal illustration, and an image of how impatient I can be. Remember the YouTube video a few days ago titled "Alleluia by Randall Thompson"? Well, I tried to upload it directly on Monday, not once, but five times. Each time I would wait and check the blog and it was not there, so I'd do it again. Finally, I was able to use another process and I was successful. When I opened my blog this morning, much to my surprise, there were ALL five uploads. Now, I don't have any idea where these were for the last three days. Floating around in cyberspace, no doubt, and finally decided to land. I could only laugh at myself and at the zeal with which I wanted you all to experience my excitement.

Yes, this morning I see it as a lesson I must be taught again and again about being patient. And, I suspect, until I get it right. Only He knows when I will be even slightly successful.

Though this project did not have anything to do with prayer or being sure I am following his plan for me in my life at that time, it just goes to show that if I would just WAIT, there would be an answer. It doesn't mean I should stop praying, it teaches me that maybe I should not nag (uploading, uploading, uploading...). In three days I got the answer, not yesterday as I hope, but an answer nonetheless. And yes, I got three days! As Mike says, "May we know His strength as we wait upon the Lord."

God is Good!!! All the Time!

Thanks, Mike, and thanks be to God!


  1. This is too funny, Cathy! Yes, patience is a virtue...then again, remember that Scripture story about the woman who pestered the judge so much he finally gave in and gave her what she was asking for... It's difficult sometimes to be patient when zeal gets in the way! (I love your little Friar Michael Patrick in the sidebar). :)

  2. This was soo true for me! I am the same way. I have to admit that God does have great timing. He gives us answers in just the right time, to give us that ...AHAH.....moment.

  3. What a great analogy, huh? (This same thing has happened to me, btw, being to impatient to upload something...) I am sooo bad at patience! (It's the theme of my blog title, in fact!) It's a good thing Our Heavenly Father is so patient with us! We just have to keep on trying!

  4. Thank you! God uses everything to teach us doesn't he? And getting an answer in three days? I've heard that somewhere before!! Blessings.

  5. You know if I could get the same response the woman got from the judge I would probably keep it up...Truth be known, gabrielle, I don't have much perseverance either...Drat!

    Yes, I too have found that God does have good timing...The problem is I have no concept of "God Time", michele.

    lisa, I thank God for his patience. I wonder at times if he just sits back and laughs out loud at his child who is still learning to walk!

    Again! Thank you Mike. Thank you ALL!!!

  6. This is a great lesson . . . and funny, too! Our heavenly Father is not only a great teacher, but He also has a wonderful sense of humor.

    God bless.

  7. Oh my goodness!! The SAME thing happened to me this week. There's a song by lifehouse-- I posted- called Everything.. wouldn't post, I'd do it again and again-- still no post.. I gave up... the next day I went on my blog and guess what? It was there 4 0r 5 times!!! Needless to say I had to deleat some of them!! LOL!!! I'm not patient at all.. I want things here and now.. something I'm working on.. Check out the song.. It's a tear jerker.. there's also a skit to it- you can find it on you tube.. or God Tube it's amazing. I watched it for the first time today and it was a tear jerker.It really touched my soul!!
    God Bless!!..Linda :)

    that's the link to Godtube& the skit.

  8. Thanks, Linda, will give a listen.

  9. Hey, Cathy... If you feel like a meme, I've tagged you for one... &:o) Blessings on the end of Easter Week! ~Lisa


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