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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

O Antiphons

Today's instruction in The Little Blue Book is about the O Antiphons. I'll let it speak for itself. and when you are finished here please visit Lisa at Unexpected Journey as she also has a wonderful post regarding them as well.
The Divine Office made use of Psalms and other Scripture passages over and
over on a regular rotation. Over the years, the practice developed of
praying an "antiphon" before and after each Psalm and canticle. This is
the sentence or two from Scripture which "frames" the fixed text. The
antiphons vary with the feast or season, and each one colors the fixed text with
a different accent.

On this day during Advent the O Antiphons begin and will continure through Christmas Eve.
The particular antiphon for the day can be found in two places:
*It is part of the Alleluia verse for the Liturgy of the day.
*In the evening, it is placed before the Magnificat at Vespers for the Liturgy of the Hours.
The Advent antiphons are call the "O Antiphons" because each day's antiphon begins with and "O"...O Wisdom, O Key of David, O Flower of Jesse"s stem...
The Little Blue Book
Advent and Christmas Seasons
I am always amazed how much more I still must learn about my faith and the beauty it has to offer us daily as we journey on this pilgrimage.
Thanks be to God!


  1. I've just come from Esther's blog, Cathy, and she, too, is covering the O Antiphons. We're all making the same journay so the more who partake, the more prayerful will be the pilgrim way!

  2. Will need to visit Esther. It is wonderful to have friends along the way, Ann.

  3. I like the way you are doing this Cathy. I forgot all about those precious little books!

  4. This book is yearly and inspiration. Yous though, is always so beautiful! Thank you.

  5. I didn't know about the origin of the antiphon. Thanks for that info. You are so right, there is so much to learn about our precious faith, so much to help us as we make our way towards heaven!

  6. this information was new to me - thank you for sharing it - i am currently reading through the Psalms and will frame each one with this O Antiphon


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