The Quotable

May you have:
A world of wishes at your command.
God and his angels close to hand.
Friends and family their love impart,
and Irish blessings in your heart!

~~Irish Blessing~~

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sunlit Sunday

“How sweet the morning air is! See how that one little cloud floats like a pink feather from some gigantic flamingo. Now the red rim of the sun pushes itself over the London cloud-bank. It shines on a good many folk, but on none, I dare bet, who are on a stranger errand than you and I. How small we feel with our petty ambitions and strivings in the presence of the great elemental forces of Nature!” ― Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Novels and Stories, Volume I
Love this quote written by one of my favorite authors.  Wishing all a beautiful Sunlit Sunday!!!


Thanks be to God!!


Pleases stop by and visit Karen at Sunlit Sunday.  Stop by and offer your bit of sunshine today.


Victor S E Moubarak said...

Wishing you a Splendid Sunday. London is rather cold today.

God bless.

Pamela Gordon said...

Beautiful photo. I can almost feel the heat for the early sun's rays as it warms the cool shadows. Thanks for visiting and leaving your comment. Blessings.

Snap said...

Love your sunrise over Tucson. I think the colors are brighter and the skies prettier in the desert. Great quote, too.

My Little Home and Garden said...

Good Morning, Cathy

I'm pleased you found your way to Sunlit Sunday again this winter. Your photo takes me back to about a year ago when I visited Arizona (including Tucson) for the first time. Seeing the mountains, cacti, and the big sky was wonderful. Thank you for reminding me, with your photo, of that state's beauty.

Have a lovely week.


lindaakacraftygardener said...

Good morning, such wonderful cacti in your photo. Hope the sun is shining down on your area today.

Things and Thoughts said...

Really athmosheric! And so interesting to know you!

Poppy said...

The sun's sienna rays light the landscape with fiery hues, warming up the new day! Beautiful!

(via Karen's)

Liz @ Sit With Me In My Garden said...

That's a wonderful shot of the sunrise. Oh I'd like to be there right now instead of in my snowfilled landscape!

Bill Nicholls said...

Nice photo but it's not from the Emerald Isle which is disappointing. Oh yes mum and dad came from there

ellen b. said...

Hello Cathy,
It's been awhile since our posts have crossed. Hope all is well with you! Did you visit Arizona?

Pondside said...

Great quote!
I hear it's lovely and warm in Arizona this winter. I'd love to be there!

Cindy said...

Hi Cathy,
Wonderful quote, you picture is wonderful with the sun heating up the cactus, and one.

Lisa said...

Beautiful! And such a contrast of two entirely different kinds of beauty: the desert of Tucson and the green cliffs of Ireland!

Beth said...

Your shot is just gorgeous! Loved seeing it.

Anne Jeffries said...

I passed through Arizona a couple of days ago. Currently chillin' in Oklahoma City. Tomorrow we head to Texas. Getting to Indiana the first week in April. Hope to see you when we are there.