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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Favorite Teacher...

I have struggled with numbers my whole life. In 2nd grade I spent my lunch time catching up on my math. I had trouble adding columns. In third grade it was multiplication times tests and while most of the class was on their 7 tables I was still on the threes...And so it went. My freshman year I had algebra I. I enjoyed it but my test grades were less than stellar. Mr. Downing told my mom that I seemed to comprehend the subject in class, but when I took the test I showed no grasp of the concept.

That brings me to geometry. Mr. Devers taught high school math. He was my geometry teacher that year. He had the patience of Job and a sense of humor as well. I struggled, I mean STRUGGLED in his class. I could not understand or remember axioms. The logic in the whole thing escaped me, for most of the year. But during the last quarter I have to admit I really was not sure I was going to pass. This generous man worked with me all year. After the final exam, a friend and I saw him in the cafeteria. We approached him and I asked how I did on my final. He simply said, "Cathy, I will give you the lowest 'C' I have ever given if you will promise to never take another math class." Yes, he did. He gave me a "C."

I am grateful for his perseverance, understanding and his sense of humor...When numbers get in the way, as they often do, I smile and thank Mr. Devers for being my teacher.

Thanks be to God!!!

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  1. I struggled (and still do) with math- especially algebra related math. Teachers with patience to teach us, the non-math folks, deserve our nods. Thank you for your post and I thank Mr. Devers too.

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  3. Cathy I didn't do very well in Math either but for some reason or other I loved Algebra and did very well in that subject....go figure.
    Have a great day......:-) Hugs

  4. I struggle and still do as well and sadly this has passed to my daughter Kendra, her struggle is downright unfair sometimes, but thank the Lord for sending some wonderful teachers into our lives through the years that stepped up and have made a huge difference!

  5. well now I enjoy math...but geometry isn't math. it's a ploy of the devil devised solely to create frustration and anger and steal the peace from people.

    honest, it is!!


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