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May you have:
A world of wishes at your command.
God and his angels close to hand.
Friends and family their love impart,
and Irish blessings in your heart!

~~Irish Blessing~~

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Creative Tuesday

I've not done Creative Tuesday before but thought I'd give it a try.  This store front in in the only mining town of Cripple Creek, Colorado.  It was taken in 1972 following a hail storm.  I've not been back to Cripple Creek since then so I cannot tell you anything about its status.  But indeed it had seen better days.

It looks a bit different after I played with it on picnik.  It's fun to experiment!  Wishing all a grand day!

Thanks be to God!

Now if you will visit Hot Toast and Jam  you will witness much better creations!

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  1. Beautiful.

    I hope you're well Cathy.

    God bless.

  2. it does look a 'bit' different! Interesting what you can do with piknik... It's nice to see what the old store fronts looked like.

  3. wow! That's really an interesting way to look at it. I really like the kaleidoscopic effect.

  4. Ow, Cathy, thank you for singing up but C.T. does not included photography except when taking a photo or one;s finished piece --like a collage or quilt or something. the reason? Because most of us already write and show photos on our blog so this is aimed more at hands on drawing adn art. thank you though for wanting to enter. Piknik is quite brilliant, isn't it? Please do enter again. :)

  5. Welcome to C.T. I wouldn't have linked the two images if you hadn't said so - it looks SO different :)

  6. WOW! You can do a lot with picnik!! The before and after are so interesting!! Awesome!

  7. This is fantastic...piknik...don't know what that is but it sure works well. :-)

  8. Well I had never heard of picnik, but what you did with it is just amazing.

    Welcome to CT... look forward to more art from you.

  9. I have also never heard of picnik before, but this is fantastic.

  10. This is so cool. and i have not heard of picnik either...i like what i see though! have a great night!


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