Thursday, June 28, 2007

Playgrounds visited on the MT Journey

Let's call this playground hopping. It started in Jellystone Park and we went from there. I have found there is no trip complete without a stop a playground or two...or three.
Young and old had a grand time at the playground
Found at Megan's old school. School playgrounds bring back fond memories.
GG and Uncle Phil

Annie, Phil and Deb

We just want to see if Dad can really do it!

Finally, there was ZOO MONTANA!!! It was a great stop for us all !!!
Lindsey, Grandpa and Ainsley

Wee!!!! Higher!!!!

What pretty faces!!!

Just a short break in our photo journey. Will see you soon!!!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Finally, I got the pictures downloaded from our journey to Montana. It was a great week. And we were so fortunate to have the use of the Sienna. When Ron contributed to the United Way his name was entered in a raffle and so that is how we got to use it of the week. He WON!!!

Ainsley and Lindsey were real troopers. And considering their ages so were their dad and mom. Lindsey even developed an ear infection that had to be treated the first day of the journey. It was great fun to ride and play with the girls. Annie was our favorite movie although Singing in the Rain ran a close second.

Rapid City has some interesting sights. They have bronze statues of all but seven US presidents on their downtown street corners. (Ron was up early Monday morning photographing not all but most of them. The trick is figuring out who is who.) The dinner at the fire house was a treat for everyone.

Mt. Rushmore was still awesome. The day was glorious and all was picture perfect. The only flaw was one missing grandfather. "He's not with you?" "No, I thought he was with you."

Needless, to say our stay in Billings was wonderful. Got to experience again the life of an active teenage girl and the saga of the parents. Somethings never change. Mother is great. And I finally figured out the knitting pattern that had us both in a quandry. By the way the game APPLE TO APPLE is way tooooo much fun. We also got to celebrate two birthdays while we were there. Lindsey and Megan share the same birthday. Enough said...

Here's some of the pics...

The Jouney to Montana, a photo journel

The Whole Crew!

Aaisley meets Goldie

who is on her way to

The Big Apple

The Fire House

Main Street, Rapid City, SD

Everyone said, "cheeseburger"!

Fire personnel
with the Dog!
Ainsley and Lindsey
with President Reagan

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Time of Reflection

Today, is the celebration of the Birth of John the Baptist. As I was considering the first reading from the Book of the Prophet Isaiah (IS 49:1-6) and Psalm 139, I was reminded of the following reflection. Sometimes I forget to look on God as my companion, side by side with me in my endeavors. But, gentle nudges bring me home!!! I again take consolation in knowing that my journey has been in the planning for longer than "I am" and because of that I can trust that he will be here 'til the end.
*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
Excerpt from, Set Aside Every Fear, Love and Trust in the Spirituality of Catherine of Siena.

GOD Speaks...

If you choose me as your companion you will not be alone; my love will always be with you. you will never fear anyone or anything, for you will find your security in me. With me as your companion you will live in the light of faith with hope and fortitude, with true patience and perseverance, all the days of your life. I loved you before you existed, and know this, you can place your trust in my love and set aside every fear. Enjoy my love, live in me and take from me the light of my wisdom. Confront the princes and tyrants of this world with my strength. Take from me the fire of my Spirit and share with all my mercy and my burning love. You are not alone. You have me.

As, I was sitting here preparing this, my dearest friend, Fay, called and told me her Pete had died this morning. Though not unexpected, I'm still surprised at the impact of the words and I know that no matter what words are chosen, a void in all our lives has been made. The impact that one person has made in my life can not be subtracted, cannot be taken away, it is with me always. There was not a time, when I visited with Fay and Pete, that I was not aware of his assurance of who he was. He was soft spoken, but with a presence that would capture your attention. He was well aware of who his "companion" was. And now today he rests in the loving arms of that Blessed Companion. And so like Pete, we are reminded by our Companion, "You have me."
*** *** ***
Thanks be to God!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Report Delay

The spirit is great...the physical is wanting.

Will have to delay sharing about our trip to MT. I have managed to get a HUMONGOUS sinus infection, sore throat and cough...Ron has it, too. The first time in 39 years we have shared an illness. Last noc there was sneezing and coughing in concert...It was laughable even though we felt raunchy! You should have been here. It's really awful when I'm too tired to sit at the computer. Hope we are up and "running" tomorrow when the antibiotics have a chance to "kick" in. As GG said, get the Vicks and inhale! It's times like these when we appreciate family, friends and co-workers who are comforting, compassionate and understanding.

Thanks be to God!!!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

This Olde House, From the Beginning to the Near End

It has been suggested that I offer more pictures of the progress of the laying of the hard wood floor. And so from the beginning of the project last Friday night until the work began in earnest on Sunday here are pictures of the day.

Kellie and I stained the base boards and molding while Neil helped lay out the wood for us to stain.

Finally, though not finished, it is nearly complete. Only a few more rows to be put in place tomorrow night and then it will be ready for the finishing work around the doors. That will, however, have to wait until we return from GG's after a week's vacation.

We will be leaving on Friday evening, driving to INDY where we will pick up the rest of the crew, The INDY Kellers, for a driving vacation to MT. Since Ron won the use of a Sienna for a week we thought it a good idea to take advantage of the opportunity to see the North Country by van once again.
Thanks be to God.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A Fairwell to Weber

From the kitten rescued from the bird's nest in the back yard to her nesting in the Christmas tree every year, until she couldn't climb into it anymore, and finally just curling up under the tree every year in the glow of the Christmas lights, Weber was a singular cat. She didn't play with toys. She was happy just left alone. When guests arrived Weber would make herself scarce and not be seen again until company was gone (not the best hostess but not a nuisance either). She knew how to get your attention when the food dish was empty by batting it around the kitchen until someone would fill it. She didn't like to be cuddled, but when she wanted attention from you she would simply pat you on the arm, sit down next to you in the chair and wait to be petted.

Finally, for lack of wanting to admit it, Weber had gotten old and ailing. So, in the last week we had to agree that it was time to let her go. So this morning, Weber made her last visit to the vet. It was so hard to leave her there, but I just couldn't stay.

I'll miss most her independence and apparent self-reliance. And at Christmas, I'll not have to worry about keeping the tree skirt straight because she has snuggled into it. She was a gift for 14 years and I'm glad she came to nest in our tree. Good-bye Weber.
"Each friend represents a
world in us, a world possibly
not born until they arrive,
and it is only by this meeting
that a new world is born."
-- Anis Nin


Thanks be to God

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Really beautiful and inspiring...

Mother sent this to me today and I hope when you all visit the sight you will be touched to the heart as I was. Thank you MOM!!

Thanks be to God.

One must be careful and not overlook a comment...

Much to my surprise and pleasure I found a post I had overlooked. I'm embarrassed, however, because I did not see it until day before yesterday (It was dated in April).

Her name is Sr. Mary Anne. She is a member of the same community as Sr. Julie. the author of "A Nun's Life" blog. I had offered a comment on one of the topics and used Sr. Gilchrist Conway as an example. This just show small the world has become.

Sr. Mary Anne and Sr. Gilchrist worked serving the poor at the Catholic Worker in New York City that summer thirty years ago. Sr. Gilchrist shared her adventures with us when she returned to Oklahoma where she was part of a team of Sisters of Providence, including Sr. Dorothy Rasche and Sr. Mary Maloney.

Sr. Gilchrist had a real call to be a missionary. She lived in conditions that summer that sounded appalling. And as she told us, with rats as big as dogs, and God's knowledge of her tremendous fear of them she was sure he was caring for her. She told us of daily waking and working to feed the poor. Donations of food came in and other donations were sought. But at the end of the day after feeding those hungry among them there was nothing left for the next day. At that point, I remember asking, didn't they buy things on sale and put them away so they would be sure to have stock to start again the next day? Sr. Gilchrist simply said, "Cathy, this is what we do. We trust that God will provide for tomorrow." At that time I was the mother of four small children and anxious to be sure there was enough to take care of us. It was a gentle reminder, I often recall, that God is first and He takes care of us all.

Sr. Gilchrist's missionary journey does not end there as she traveled to Bolivia and ministered to those people there. Two weeks before her return to the States, Sr. Gilchrist died in a flash flood. But she died in the service of our Lord. She is missed even now. Her cheerful smile, the glorious flute she played, and most of all the laughter she brought to us all when she would share a Bit of the Blarney.

Wish I could visit with Sr. Mary Anne as I'm sure she and Sr. Gilchrist had marvelous adventures that summer working in the service of the Lord. I am grateful to these women who have touched my life and those of my family.

Thanks be to God!!!