Wednesday, October 31, 2007


The Angelus

When reading "A Nun's Life" this morning she introduced me to another blogging nun. Isn't it interesting that they are still teachers but many in this media now. I love it!!! Sr. Julie interviews Sr. Anne Flanagan, Daughter of St. Paul. Drop in for a visit. It is really interesting.

II send you this offering of the Angelus. It is really beautiful and easy to pray from Sr. Anne.

I hope you like it enough to share it with others. You all have a GREAT day.

And for you all I say,
Thanks be to God!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Vera Bradley Weekend

This is a tale of what can happens when one experiences a faux paux. This is the 2nd Annual Keller Girls Day Out. In other words, shopping and lunch. It all started last year when I wanted to have Kellie spend time with us "bigger" girls because she is older than her other cousins and younger than the rest of us. Last year we went to the art museum (culture), had lunch and shopped. This year we eliminated the culture and went right straight to the shopping.

And so, the Vera Bradley tale begins. We had been shopping for a while and some of us were thirsty. Marianne and Annie got fruit slushes we shared. While in one of the shop, Marianne, holding her Styrofoam cup by the bottom inadvertently pushed her fingers into the cup causing a small spill...most of which ended up in her purse. Off to the bathroom she and I went to see if there was anything to be salvaged. We cleaned off the pager and keys, and the wallet was okay. Not sure how much damage has been done to the cell phone, but the purse went into the trash.

As we were walking toward another shop Marianne spied a shop with purses in it. Well, she and I succumbed and we both bought Vera Bradley bags. Later that afternoon, we went the the Vera Bradley store at Metropolis, Plainfield, IN and Laura and Kellie both got their purses there. Cannot tell you how much fun it was, and to have an excuse (?) to purchase a Vera Bradley. Well, I guess Marianne is the only one who had an excuse, but the rest of us all had sympathy for her and had to help her feel better, right? Annie is the only one who came away unscathed as she already owns one.

Well, we did indeed have lunch. We were joined at Brinkleys by Dad, Wes and Eric. We had a wonderful lunch. And you have to know that even though they are only 3 and 4, Lindsey and Ainsley are seasoned shoppers. It was such great fun. Maybe next year the "Charlotte" Kelly can join us on this great adventure.

Oh, as an aside, there seem to be no duplications in the Vera Bradley patterns chosen so there will be no mix up at family gatherings. I understand Kelly Keller has chosen a red pattern.

And so in gratitude for his great love for us all,
I say, "Thanks be to God!!!"

Monday, October 22, 2007

Life can get so complicated...

Yesterday one of the girls in the office was a party sponsored by her husband's employer. She was riding with Jason's boss on the four-wheeler and I'm still not clear as to what happened but somehow Sarah ended up with the four-wheeler on top of her. The boss was arrested for drunken endangerment and Sarah was life lined to INDY and IU med center. Sarah went to surgery today knowing that the prognosis for her recovering the use of her legs was poor. Her spirits were high I am told but Jason is not handling any of this very well. You see I forgot to tell you...They had just returned from their honeymoon in Hawaii last weekend and they have only been married for two weeks. Who could have known what turmoil their live could be sent into when we wittnessed their marriage. I ask everyone to pray for the entire family!!! There are so many emotions that one feels at a time like this. Only God can calm the sea, and bring them safely to shore.

And so,Sarah is in surgery even as I post this. Pray heartily!!!

Thank you and Thanks be to God!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


You know, there is nothing like those childhood memories. On the Nightly New with Jim Lehrer last noc there was a segment on the Colorado Rockies and the World Series. Well, homesickness set in almost immediately!!!

Before there were the Broncos, Nuggets, or the Rockies, there was the Denver Bears! Yep! at one time or another they were the "farm club" for the Yankees (ONE of the reasons my dad was such a fan of the team--many others exist higher on the list) and the Cubs, as I remember. I remember the 4th of July and going as a family to the ball game and watching the fireworks at "Bears Stadium". It wasn't a tradition or anything like that, but when we went it seemed it was always on the 4th. I guess that is why I have enjoyed going to Otters baseball games here on the 4th because it is intimate and just plane fun.

Though I'm not sure how well they will do, I'm certainly proud they will be in The Series. So GO Rockies!!!


And for the memories I say, "Thanks be to God!"

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Today is Marianne's Birthday!!!

Must share with you one of those "God Moments". I've already shared this with Marianne, but wanted to share with all anyway. The last week was one of joy and anxiety. Joy because Jimmy came from Atlanta to visit. We had a really good visit with dinner at Rafferty's with the Laura, Roy and the Kids and then our lunch on Wednesday. Anxiety because Ron was so sick with a fever and body aches that have lasted nearly 8 days (yesterday, I think the fever finally was gone.). He's never sick and so when he is I get anxious. Ron is on the mend and all seems well today. Enough explanation!

SO, this morning after Mass, Joe, a dear gentleman who is an "institution" at St. John's, came to me and asked where my youngest daughter was. I told him Marianne's not here as often because she has moved to INDY. He simply said, "You know, I miss her." Then we hugged. He had no way of knowing how truly wonderful that gift was to me. It made me fully aware, and allowed me to recognize in this humble man that God holds us our joy, anxiety, and others of this Holy Family we have in the name of Jesus Christ!! And on her birthday, too!!! What a gift.


Thanks be to God!!!!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Evolution of the Our Father.

Wow!!! When I was working on my presentation for those in RCIA Inquiry Wednesday evening I found this "treasure" in the Catholic Source Book regarding the earliest English translations of the Bible to date. The book does comparisons of the "Our Father" and it is really interesting to see it evolve. My how we have grown. Just had to share it with you...(If you double click on the page it will enlarge it so you can read it.)
Thanks be to God!!!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Saints Among Us.

I was visiting Sr. Julie's blog this a.m. She was sharing her reflections on her reading of the life of St. Teresa of Avila. It is interesting how their lives were no different than mine. There was a time when I was in third or fourth grade that I had these grand ideas about martyrdom, but that is all the were...ideas. I never quite took any step to seek out the reality. Here is an excerpt of Sr. Julie's entry.

"In Chapter 1 Teresa writes of her childhood. She tells of a time when she was 7 and her brother was 11. After having read the lives of the saints, they decided that martyrdom was the quickest and easiest way to get to heaven.

We settled to go together to the country of the Moors, begging our way for the love of God, that we might be there beheaded; and our Lord, I believe, had given us courage enough, even at so tender an age, if we could have found the means to proceed; but our greatest difficulty seemed to be our father and mother.

The footnotes indicate that the two children set out on their journey but shortly after leaving they were met by one of their uncles who brought them back to their mother. Teresa herself says that she really wasn’t motivated by love of God but by the thought of quickly getting to heaven to enjoy the wonderful things she had read about!"

I remember, and often reflect on, the lives of saints. In my family, when an example of strength, truth, or an example of obedience was called for my father always guided us through a brief history of the said example. St. Catherine of Sienna and St. Francis of Assisi were often guides to me. As a child, as now, I am in awe at the Spirit and how He could change the most turbulent, seemingly sinful life into one of grace and love. I fear that since Vatican II the examples of the saints as a treasure for growth in our lives and our children have been lost to Spiderman, Superman, et. al. Mom would read books to us before bed at night about the saints, with an occasional “Winnie the Pooh”. Then came television and things seemed to change in the things the family did together. I fear my children suffered as outside influences guided us and other families in other pursuits. A real tragedy. And that I truly regret.

What I do not regret is that family is still important to my children. And because we are family, I can be sure that theirs will, in many ways, reflect the work of God and our Savior in them. I see this everyday in every way!!!
Thanks be to God!