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May you have:
A world of wishes at your command.
God and his angels close to hand.
Friends and family their love impart,
and Irish blessings in your heart!

~~Irish Blessing~~

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

'Tis the Season...

Even with viruses going around everywhere, it seems that one never expects the one you rely on heavily to get one. Well, it happened. About 3 days ago, after we got back from our Thanksgiving Trek to Charlotte, Simon, The Computer, got sick. Apparently, he has been shaking hands with others who are sick and have not washed their hands.

At any rate, he is at the "Puter Hospital." Hope to know the outcome soon. His friend Maggie, The Monitor, is failing, so will have to retire her and get a new replacement. Until later and I get back to things as normal (What is normal?), I'll be reading mostly from work, but will wait to do most of my commenting until Simon is up and moving again!

And Thanks be to God for you all!!!


  1. Our computer recently had a virus, too, and it turned into a 12 day ordeal. I did realize, however, that the sun continued to rise and set despite not being able to access by files or surf the internet.

    The only good thing is that my husband thought it would be a good idea for me to have my own laptop...and who was going to argue with that? Not me.

  2. O dear,hope Simon will recover very soon,and that he will like his new monitor friend..:)

  3. Hi, Cathy! Hope your computer woes are over soon!

  4. Isn't it amazing how we get sick when we need a break! Well, hope you computer is better soon. Also, love your site's version of "Autumn Leaves." Happy Advent Season!

  5. Hope your computer mends well...

    On a side note- I am trying to do more to promote children's literacy. Please stop in at my blog for a look at some wonderful children's books.

    Happy Reading!

  6. Yikes.. that does not sound like fun:(

  7. Sorry to hear that Cathy. BTW, I've just tagged you for a meme.

  8. Sorry about the virus hope Simon gets better soon!

  9. Sorry to hear about the computer virus. I hope everything is in order soon.

    And I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog a couple of weeks ago. I'm embarrassed I took so long to return the visit but the Thanksgiving holiday and a heavy work schedule intervened. I'd saved the email of your comment and found it today, so here I am!

  10. Hopefully all viruses will be shaken off soon, Cathy.
    I've just read the quote at the top by Venerable John Henry Newman - it is really beautifully worded and profound too.

  11. Hoping Simon and Maggie have a quick recovery!
    Poor lil' Puters :0(

  12. I understand your computer woes. My computer refuses to let me download pictures to my blog so I am the mercy of using my husband's laptop when he is home. Miss you and keeping you in my prayers!

    Blessed be God Forever!
    Love and many prayers,

  13. Cathy

    Do stop by our blog, there is something there for you.

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  15. I hope you get Simon back soon and that Maggie will behave well when he's back. :-)

  16. Oh please get well soon, little computer.
    We miss Cathy.

  17. Golly, Cathy! Miss you! Is Santa aware of these computer problems at your house?

  18. LOL cathy
    I have names for my computer too but they're all unrepeatable LOL!

    Hope 'Simon' recovers all his er thingy's, doolackies and thingamigs soon.

    Much love to you

    Marie xooxoxoxo


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