Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Dance Recital

This last week at work has been a real challenge. Having new "tools" to use and others that must be given up to the new technology have caused me to be tired, frustrated and sometimes, as I was yesterday, just plain sad...SO

Last night was Kellie's dance recital. It was a short program, not elaborate, and great fun. It was such a treat to see the talents of each of the kids in the show. It's especially delightful to see how Kellie has improved in all her skills since I first saw her perform as a small child. I reflect on this because this week my oldest grandchild has become a teenager. She continues to bloom, as we are all meant to, into a young lady now on the threshold of young adulthood. These thirteen years have flashed by. And in those thirteen years Kelly has been so very good at entertaining. Singing and dancing and now ,starting next school year, as member of the Memorial High School Marching band as a member of the Color Guard, she will again be sharing with all of us her talent to entertain.

Thank you, Kellie, for all the smiles you bring to others through your beautiful smile and "happy feet", especially to your Grandma.

I was allowed to share last night, also, in the world of Laura's "school" life, as some of her students arrived to take pictures of the recital, much to her delight. But that wasn't the only thing I noticed. Not only at the recital, but at the Dairy Queen after, when students of hers are around her she is treated with much respect and she shares in their fun without relinquishing or diminishing her role as teacher and mentor. She was able to cajole and they could respond without fear of reprisal...Was a sight to behold. Makes me wish I could be a mouse in the corner one day to attend one of her classes.
Another of those "Christ" moments when I can be aware of his presence in my life.

Thanks be to God!!!

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