Tuesday, November 20, 2007

In Concert

To Benefit Habitat for Humanity!!!

John Angotti will be here at St. John the Baptist Church December 14 to perform in concert to benefit the area's Habitat for Humanity. Habitat has been even more evident in our lives here since the tornado of November, 2005 destroyed so many homes. They have touched us with their diligence and generosity in housing those who are without homes or lost them as a result of that tornado. More important, Habitat also give us a perfect opportunity to do the work of God in participating in His beatitudes.

I would ask that you pray for the success of this concert. Better yet, if you can be here, come and give thanks, praise, and enjoy the gifts of our God in music!!! John Angotti is a dynamic performer and a zealous "worker in the vineyard".


Thanks be to God.


  1. Hey, good luck on that! When Habitat for Humanity went to Manila, my students and I volunteered to help build houses.

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    The Goddess In You

  2. Don't think I can come but my prayer goes up for you!


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