Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Meditation, Walking on Water With Jesus

Peter Walking On Water.
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From today's Magnificat.

May the Lord give us
all the courage that we need
to go the way he shepherds us.

That when he calls
we may go unfrightened.

If he bids us come to him
across the waters,
that unfrightened we may go

And if he bids us climb a hill
may we not notice that it is a hill,
mindful only of
the happiness of his company.

He made us for himself,
that we should travel with him
and see him at the last
in his unveiled beauty
in the abiding city where
he is light
and happiness
and endless home,

Father Bede Jarrett, O.P.

Father Jarrett (+ 1934) was a Dominican priest from England renowned for his preaching, his lectures,and many books on theology and spirituality.

Today is my Road to Providence Day. Pray we are blessed by the had of the Holy Spirit and we both have save travel.

Thanks be to God


  1. thanks for sharing..yes may we all have the courage to go and do what he's called us to do, and to go without fear to the palces that we are unsure of & to go in His name and in confidence because He IS the Lord our God! & He knows what is best for our lives! be blessed!!

  2. Safe journey, Cathy, going where God calls, and going joyfully.

  3. Wonderful prayer. Amen. Love the new look!

  4. Cathy,
    Hugs to you. It is a joy to visit your blog!

    Thank you also for your wonderful comment, which encourages me to always care for the less privileged! God bless you abundantly!

  5. "Mindful only of the happiness of his company." Oh, to live every moment of every day like that! Something to strive for. Hope you had a wonderful day, Cathy.

  6. These words spoke to my heart. The Lord called out onto the water awhile back to prepare for a new direction of call and I grow weary from time to time. Words of comfort and encouragement like these help me to keep my eyes on him. Thank you!


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