Monday, March 16, 2009

A Saturday in INDY

Reitz Memorial High School Winter Guard

Is it possible that when you are a grandmother you are more sensitive about watching family members perform? I don't remember tears in my eyes when I watched Laura or Wes perform at solo and ensemble. I didn' t even cry when Wes sang Bridge Over Troubled Waters at his high school graduation. But yesterday watching Kellie (3rd from the left) perform her teams winter guard performance tears did indeed well up in my eyes. Perhaps that's the reason I succeeded in getting only one good picture! They were disappointed in their performance, but when all was said and done they were 5th out of 35 school. Quite an achievement!


Earlier that morning, Ainsley, my 6 year old granddaughter, and I had a chat. She jumped on the sofa and said "Grandma, I'm so excited!"

GM: What are you excited about?

AK: Aunt Mimi (Marianne) is going to have a baby and I am so excited. I love family.

GM: I love family, too.

AK: It is so much fun to have us all together and now you know there will be 12 of us.

GM: Yes, I know and it will be fun.

AK (With a twinkle in her eye): That means that along with Maddie you have another one of us to put on your sweatshirt.

And with a giggle she was off. You know she's right! It is fun when we are together! Family is a wonderful treasure given to us by the Father. Oh my, how fortunate I am.


Thanks be to God!


  1. Yes, you are indeed fortunate (blessed).

  2. How precious that little Ainsley already knows the value of family!


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