Monday, March 23, 2009

The Simple Women's Daybook

Today I have off because of it's spring break here. I took the time off so I could do some spring cleaning. Well, you can see where I am...Honest!!! I will begin as soon as I post this little bit of Monday. So after you have stopped by here please visit Peggy at The Simple Women's Daybook.


1. Outside my window...Sam is meowing, letting me know that he'd like to come in.

2. I'm thinking...this is the first time I have ever done this later than 5:00 a.m.

3. I'm thankful for...having spent a wonderful weekend at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods in retreat.

4. I'm wearing...Sweater, pants and warm socks.

5. From the Kitchen...Baked macaroni and cheese with smoky links, broccoli and fruit.

6. I am creating...Still working on the counted x-stitch. Are you as tired of hearing about this as I am about telling you about it? It was purchased as a kit in England and now there is not enough thread. I'm now on-line comparing Anchor and DMC threads.

7. I am reading...The Sadness of Christ by Thomas More.

8 . I'm rest in the memory of the retreat.

9. I am hearing...Birds chirping outside.

10. Around the house...The crocus, daffodils, and tulips are starting to bloom

11. Few plans for the rest of the week...Enjoy time off, resting and enjoying the quiet.

12. One of my favorite things is...gather pictures and make them into photo books. Since I had trouble with "Simon" during the holidays I haven't gotten those pictures done yet.

13. Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...


Thanks be to God!


  1. Hi GrandmaK! It looks like you have great plans to spend your vacation in peace! Reading, cleaning, sounds great to me! I will be on spring break next week. God bless! Anita

  2. sounds like you had an enjoyable retreat :-)

    I really need to look into something for me and mum and possibly (if she is interested) my daughter, to go on. It probably couldn't b a whole weekend, but sometime one feels recharged spiritually just by going to a day retreat, so i think i will look into something, my soul so very much needs it

  3. AH! Just in time for the second act! You don't want to miss the third one next week! How was your retreat? I live in Minnesota and there is a Catholic retreat area near us...very beautiful, by a lake. One day my husband and I were driving in the vicinity and got lost, so we asked a gentleman for directions. He helped us and then gently mentioned that he had taken a vow of silence during the retreat and we made him break it!!! We all laughed and moved on. God loves us anyway!!! Bless you Cathy! Anita

  4. I could certainly feel your peace and relaxful frame of mind in this. Those are such treasured times that are few and far between .... enjoy, my friend!



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