Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Road to Providence

Taken at Saint-Mary-of-the-Woods
October, 2006

Tomorrow I again travel to Sullivan to meet with Sr. Dorothy. As my companion on this journey we will be discussing "Relationships and Commitment." During the sojourn of this subject, I was to journal for the month, reflecting on my life's encounters. First, I really dislike keeping a journal. (Odd since I do so enjoy blogging.) It's not that I have not tried...I have several journals I have started, writing a page or two in them, and then quit. It was too much like work.
Secondly, procrastination is one of my flaws and I had not kept a daily journal as I was supposed to. So here is the miracle. Sr. Dorothy called last month to tell me she would be on retreat when were due to meet and would have to wait until next month (June) to meet. I was soooooooo relieved. Just like a child I was giddy! I had a second chance. I did journal. Not every day, but I did do the reflections and learned a good deal more about myself than I had known before I did the journal reflections.

Indeed, the mercy of God had intervened. I still do not like to journal (maybe it's the pen, ink, and paper part of the writing). Because (I'm laughing at myself, out loud here) isn't what I'm doing now writing in a journal? Perhaps, it's the validation, critique, live response that makes blogging different. At any rate, journal or blog, I enjoy the blog so much more!


God bless you
thanks be to God for
Second Chances!


  1. You're right, journal = blog in my book!
    They are both basically the same, the story of our everyday lives, writing about the things that are important to us, reflecting on something that has touched our souls or has been endeared to our hearts.
    But blogging I think we get to share with more people.

    Thanks for sharing all of the above!

  2. Since most of us can't "hear" God's reply in journaling, maybe via blogging, we can "hear" Him through others?!

    blessings on you and yours,


  3. Cathy, I love that you laugh out loud as you ponder, and blog (which is writing :-)). That's the life of God in you. You are guided by the Holy Spirit who gives you the gift of wisdom and who produces joy within you! A joyful and fruitful journey ahead of you! :-)

    How about journaling using one of those smaller laptops? They're about $250. Might be a good investment. :-)

  4. Cathy, I am 62 and have kept a written journal since I was 12 and I really love it. Since I started blogging I have not kept a written journal, sometimes I miss it but I am enjoying the blog so much. I, too think it's the feedback and learning through others that makes blogging such a wonderful experience. Have a great day my friend.....:-) Hug

  5. I look at my blog as being my journal - it's a way of reviewing and putting into words the things that seem to draw me to a bit of reflection. And even when I share a quote or something that comes my way through email, it is something that seems worthwhile to me at the time, so it's a way of marking the steps in a spiritual journey.


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