Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Picture Puzzle Day

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Quebec City
June, 2000

Truly a lovely city!!! What struck me most about the city was the language. French is a lovely language. I am sorry to say I have never mastered any language well, not even English, but hearing the French language spoken was like music. The shop keepers do very nicely helping the tourist. But the most difficult thing for me on the trip was to walk into a book store and find NO books written in English. I had to confront my own "American Pride" that day and turn it from "How dare they not have any books written in English" to "Thanks be to God for the diversity!" It was a real education!!

Again I say,
"Thanks be to God."

Here is the link to JigZone so you can create and submit your puzzle. And Mr. Linky is available below for you convenience so we can enjoy your puzzle.

You are invited to leave a comment, too. Please join in the fun!!! I can hardly wait to put YOUR puzzles together!


  1. What a lovely glimpse into Quebec. I would love to go someday. When we went to Mexico City last year, I came away wanting to learn Spanish.

  2. Cathy,

    all the while I was trying to get into the Cathy.Keller's blog but each time I tried, I failed. I found this name in the Followers' list. Not until a moment ago that I came to realize it's you! I saw the facebook badge and saw your name there... great mystery is now solved!

    You have changed the color again? Lovely!

  3. I enjoyed the puzzle. I work those nearly every day on National Geographic Also they have daily dozen and match games.
    I am gonna try to leave one of my photos on Mr Linky. Thanks for your visit.

  4. I did the puzzle right away and forgot to come back and leave a comment!
    The picture is beautiful thanks for sharing it and the information too!
    I had fun with this one and my grandson Jayden did too! He was sitting in my lap and pointed out to me where the pieces should go. Then he tried a few himself, good practice for hand/eye coordination!

    All the best,

  5. First, love the fall scheme of the blog ... so pretty! I have never been to Canada, but my mother and daddy have been and they love it. They say in Montreal, there is ZERO crime ... people walk around the city streets at all hours of the day and night and are never in fear of harm.

    Good to be back to visit you again.


  6. great puzzle. I did it in 5 minutes something.

    I will put a puzzle up when we have a break but for now it is time to start home school.


  7. I love Quebec City too, Cathy; have been able to visit many times, as it's only a five-hour drive from Ottawa. Always take a side-trip to the shrine at Ste. Anne-de-Beaupré when we go.

  8. I put up a Sturt desert Pea plant for my picture. It took me 4.46.


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