Tuesday, March 16, 2010



Blarney is the secret weapon of the Irish. They have enough stockpiled to last them until Judgment Day, at which time they will all be judged by "impartial" St. Patrick and allowed into the Kingdom of Heaven, it is said.
[from Irish Wit and Wisdom, published by Peter Pauper Press, INC]
A reminder that tomorrow, though all year long it's shared, with be the height of the "Blarney Seasons" so be prepared for more tales than you ever imagined!
Thanks be to God!


  1. Now I just noticed on my calendar that tomorrow is a special day! have fun :)

  2. Hi Cathy,
    Your mosaic is lovely..can't wait!
    Just popped in to wish a Happy St. Patrick's Day..
    Pop in to the party at my place when you have time, I saved a place at the table for you!
    I'll take you home Kathleen is playing as I type..Thank you for that,,:) Mu dad always sang that to me!

  3. Oh, this reminds me of all the sweet little sayings and stories my Mom used to tell me!
    Thank you!
    And have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day!
    All the best,

  4. I cannot wait to hear more tales! DO TELL! Today is my baby boy's birthday - #27! I'm at his house enjoying my grandson, Cooper. Kerry nearly made it to St. Paddy's day, but I couldn't wait another day ... he has been and will always be a shining light in my life. God commanded us to procreate, and then those create ... He knew how much joy it would stir in us.


  5. Dear Cathy,
    I love it! How about some more.
    God Bless

  6. Gator boy missed being born on St Patrick's day by 2 hours and 44 minutes....sigh


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