Thursday, May 26, 2011

~~Tea Talk~~

Tea is a cup of life.  ~Author Unknown

I'm having...Original Good Earth Tea, decaffeinated.

My bright and cheery mug. No sun today either.  Need a bit of encouragement.

I'm feeling...sure tires.  Stayed up much too late.  Making sure the weather system was through and no more tornado warnings were in effect.  The dog [Duchess] did sleep better last night.

On my up the debris in the yard after the storm will have to wait until the weekend.  Oh so very minimal compared to the  lives that have been so totally changed by all the floods and tornado that have impacted the lives of so many people.

The sunshine today is in the form of my potted marigolds! 

Please join Ruth at Tea Talk today.


Today I also join Meri for Share the Joy Thursday.   For I believe I need to find in my life every day no matter the realities in which we live.  God is Good in so many ways even in times of trial so today this is my joy!

 Of all the pictures I have ever taken this one touches my heart with such joy.  It can not be measured.  I will  treasure this picture for the joy it does bring me with Grandpa and Grandson together as one.

Thanks be to God!

Please remember to mark your calendar for this year's Adventure Tour Express.  It begins again next Wednesday! 


  1. That is a great picture of grandfather and grandson.

  2. Hope your area was not too hard hit. Our storms hit from about 12 to 2 AM. I then woje up about 4 AM and it was still lightening and thundering but no more rain. At least the sun is shining here. Have a good day. I will be checking on all my loved ones today, scattered about the area.

  3. precious little hands holding together!

  4. The weather seems to be on everyone's minds. I think the Lord is trying to get our attention...

    I have a bowl that matches your tea mug! My mother gave it to me for Christmas one year. Now I know there's a mug out there that matches!!

    Blessings on your day as you clean up from the storms.


  5. Isn't it a joy and a blessing to sit with a cup of flavorful Good Earth tea and just settle into stillness, feeling gratitude and support?

  6. I love the narration of your thoughts and actions as you start your day, and how you find joy in the little things along the way!

  7. Praise the Lord you are safe. Grey days are hard. We have had a long grey Spring. For me the daffodils were the sunshine. God always provides - even in the marigolds. I love your picture of grandpa and grandson.

  8. Such a sweet picture. I love marigolds they are so cheery.

  9. What would we do without out cuppa hey Cathy? I don't know about you but throughout my life the cup of tea has always been a comfort for me through happy and sad occasions, always the answer, make a cup of tea!

    Love the images too.

    Sue x

  10. Love your teacup Cathy! I'm having a mug of Jasmine right now.

  11. thank you for sharing your joy! i too am completely taken with your grandpa and grandson tender, so dear.

  12. i just love that picture:) so tender.
    hope the storm damage was not too bad for you.

  13. Hello Cathy! Hope you get a bit of sunshine today. I'm glad to visit you for Tea Talk and be serenaded by the happy music of your blog. I've been busy lately so I'm always late in my visits.

    Love your mug!


  14. Such a wonderful photo of the hands linking the two generations!

  15. Great post!!! My Mom was a WAC in WWII...a true "shero"!!!


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