Thursday, December 06, 2012

Joy of Saint Nicholas Haiku

Today I join Meri for Share the Joy Thursday.   For I believe we need to find it in my life every day no matter the realities in which we live.  God is Good in so many ways even in times of trial.

Joy comes in many forms.
And this day has the potential of
being just as grand as
celebrating with Saint Nicholas
the love of God in the Incarnation.

must be open to it!

Good Saint Nicholas
Most generous follower
Model of giving

Good Saint Nicholas
 He teaches humility
Heed his example

So it is that we are called to follow the Savior in HUMILITY and LOVE for all.  And Saint Nicholas lived his life in such a way that we might know that it is possible even today to be giving and loving as our Savior and Lord has taught us to be.
Thanks be to God!!!


Please visit Rebecca at recuerda mi corazon for Haiku My Heart. There is always more beautiful words  there to enchant and encourage!!! 

I'm also joining Lou Ceel at Haiku Friday.  Come play with words.  It's such a joy!!!


  1. Thank you once again for a wonderful post Cathy.

    May you have a Happy Advent, and a Blessed Christmas and New Year.

    Praying for you.

    God bless.

  2. Excellent haiku and beautiful photo. Greetings.

  3. Blessings, Cathy! I hope you have a wonderful Advent and Christmas season!

  4. We have so much to be grateful for, loving examples go before us all the time, you being one with your joyful blog! Blessings to you Cathy. x

  5. modeling goodness, finding it within ourselves and others, is surely a practice of humility and generosity.

  6. no matter where we reside, what beliefs we carry in our hearts we can all come together in love. kindness, caring, love, light know no boundaries. some of us are entering winter, others welcoming spring, but we are all spinning round under the same stars, welcoming the same sun. thank you for your haiku this friday and your celebration of generosity.

  7. Humility, generosity, humbleness and the importance of
    kindness to the one's in need...I am thankful for all of
    the people in my life who are just this♥

  8. Wonderfully inspiring St Nickolas ~ haiku ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^ ~ aka 'artmusedog' ^_^

  9. ~~ model of giving ~~
    indeed ...

  10. Wonderful words! I love the story of St Nicholas and his generosity and I love your haiku!

  11. Happy Advent, Cathy. May the Good Lord bless and keep you. And thank you for joining in on Haiku Friday. LouCeeL

  12. Humility and generosity--wonderful gifts!

  13. We all have such lessons to learn about giving and receiving ! Love looking to Saint Nicholas for inspiration !
    Happy Friday !

  14. Cathy, Your St. Nicholas is splendid! I love that he comes with music (my source of joy) and that you've paid him tribute in haiku.

  15. Your St. Nicholas haiku was lovely, and a wonderful reminder for this Christmas season.

  16. What a gorgeous St. Nicholas he is. Thanks for sharing.


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