Thursday, March 05, 2015

Peace Lily

There is something so very beautiful yet simple about a Peace Lily.  It has beautiful blooms on strong stems.  It seems to have dignity.  It is a plant with a strong constitution.  How else could it survive in my house or any house for that matter when one forgets to water it?  But, it does.  It reminds me when its leaves fall limp, and they spring up again when fed just to say, "Thank you?"  It is so forgiving.  If real peace could be this simple.


Peace Lily my friend
Offering so much beauty
Sadly less returned

What the remedy
I will show the tenderness
She truly deserves

Thanks be to God!!


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  1. They make me think of the coming spring and Easter seasons. Gorgeous!

  2. so true Cathy! if only humans could be as forgiving!

  3. Thank you Cathy for a few moments peace whenever we visit your Blog.

    God bless.

  4. Might it be called giving without expecting anything in return?

  5. These are lovely. Easy to care for yet gorgeous flourishes.

  6. Lovely photography! And haiku is very contemplative!

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  7. Cathy thanks for dropping in to read mine; have a good weekend

    much love...

  8. tenderness and forgiving give birth to peace. your lilies and haiku fill my moment with the pure white hope of sowing peace where ever we go.

  9. Beautiful peace lily and haiku, Cathy! I had a peace lily when I lived in NY and had to give it to a friend when I moved. I should buy another plant as I liked it very much!

  10. Beautiful haiku and flower photo Cathy. I think peace would be that simple, if we would really see ourselves reflected in one another and nourished each other with compassion, food, water, respect, love… why is that so difficult?

  11. They are, indeed, beautiful and forgiving plants.

  12. We have a couple of peace lily plants here --one potted and the other one in just water. I love how easy they are to care for and what's more, I've read that they're actually one of those plants that absorb toxins (don't remember which ones specifically) from the air and help keep our air fresher; hence, they are great plants to have around the house.

  13. Very pretty! Both in image and your composition!!

  14. It's so nice to have pretty plants inside to enjoy! Happy weekend! Hugs!

  15. Pretty poem and lily! Lovely image! Happy Easter, have a great week ahead!


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