Sunday, September 06, 2015

Mt Evans and Memories

Mt Evans, the highest paved highway in North America
View looking toward the summit
Altitude 14,265 feet

The Panoramas
the beauty of the mountains

Mountain sheep and mountain goats

Summit Lake

Ever since I was a kid every fall Dad, Mom and we kids would take a picnic up to the summit of Mt. Evans.  It was always so very cold but Dad would start a fire in the picnic area and Mom would brew a pot of coffee.  That was the only time until I was "grown" that we kids would get to drink coffee. What a treat that was.  But then the whole day was a treat!  The added joy of seeing the colors of the yellow aspen leaves intermingled with those glorious pines was exhilarating.  The memories of those days are treasures no one can steal.

So this year I wanted to visit Mt Evans again on our trip to Colorado.  Things have changed.  There are no picnic areas at the top.  Other things have not changed.  It was still cold, 41 degrees and rain and sleet.  That didn't change the joy I felt when I saw the mountain sheep and mountain goats.  The beauty of the Rockies near the summit and the thrill of the traveling the highway.  

Thanks be to God!


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  1. Wonderful memories ... and beautiful photos.

    God bless.

  2. I would love to visit there too and see the splendour all around. It is a shame there are no more picnic tables. With the weather so cold it is probably a good idea to take a thermos full of hot coffee :-) Have a great weekend.

    1. The reason I think there is no picnic area near the top anymore is because of the damage done to the tundra at that altitude and they are trying to preserve it. It was beautiful nonetheless! Have a grand day!

  3. Hello, Cathy,
    What a great panorama view!!! Love to see mountain sheep and mountain goats.

  4. Gorgeous views and lovely memories! Thank you for sharing!
    I'm looking forward to November and seeing your photos from Italy! Buon viaggio!

  5. Cathy, Your photos are delightful. Thanks for sharing your joy at Monday WRites

    Much love...

  6. Oh, Cathy, what wonderful memories. Glad you got to relive a bit of your childhood (even if it was rainy and cold)

  7. Greetings from Dubai!! Thanks for taking us along and making us part of your memories! Will be back soon! Have a great week ahead and will be back soon.


  8. Hello, Cathy! I would think just the drive to the top of Mt Evans is an adventure. I lvoe the views and the sheep and goats. Wonderful captures from your trip! Have a happy week ahead!

  9. What a beautiful, but desolate place. High altitude is cold, alright! Great shots of the wildlife.

  10. We were there last summer and LOVED it! Got some great photos! Yours are wonderful! Glad you were able to recapture some of that family memory time in your visit.

  11. The more things change, the more they stay the same! Glad you were able to relive your treasured childhood memories, chilly weather included! Thank you for sharing these lovely shots and visiting my blog.

  12. Isn't it wonderful visiting the places we enjoyed as a child!
    Your memories of drinking coffee is lovely.
    My memory is occasionally have a cup of milky tea with a spoon of sugar - that was a luxury back in the day!

  13. Oh Wow! Those mountains looks so great! I love that lake picture, its so peaceful. I would like to see those views too.

  14. Impressive Cathy, and nice to see the wildlife. I'll bet the picnic areas were removed because of irresponsible people leaving a mess - too bad.
    Thanks for joining Mosaic Monday.

  15. Cathy what a beautiful spot...another spot I had not heard of...thank you for sharing this place.

  16. I guess you can't go back but you can sure visit again! Your photos are really nice!

  17. Been here....Many Times!! I lived in Colorado for over 40 years, this post was like Going Home!!! And I see your previous post was about The Big Thompson River/Canyon....this is the area I grew up in!!! Gotta go check it out.

  18. Great shots, Cathy.
    You'll enjoy these photos for years!!!
    Thanks for linking up at


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