Monday, November 23, 2015

Treasures of Italy

We were in Italy for 10 days.  It was not nearly long enough to travel this beautiful country.  I'm still recuperating from jet lag.  So today, because there are literally hundreds of photos, I thought I'd show you photos of our first  introduction to Italy.  The town in called Montepulciano.  It is part of Tuscany and so we stopped here to get our first taste of Italy, no pun intended.  We had a tour of a winery.  

It was amazing!  The winery itself was once an ancient castle. And it was built over the remains of an Etruscan burial site.  It was quite an adventure.  Going down into the lower levels of the winery and seeing the artifact that have been found there. 

Largest of the wine casks

And it all begins here.

The Etruscan burial chamber

Steps to the tomb.

It was amazing to see how the remains of two thousand years of history can be maintained and continued in use at the same time.  

Oh, and did I mention the wine?  Oh, my goodness!  It was just delicious.  I also had my first taste of pecorino cheese (cheese made from sheep's milk).  It was wonderful.

When we had finished our stop in Montepulciano we were off to some serious touring. . .Florence.    I will try to share this adventure in more detail, but right now my head is still spinning!

Thanks be to God!!!

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  1. Italy is really a place / country worth visiting!
    10 days were not long enough??? A 100 days aren't either! ;-)
    All the best from Germany, only 500 kilometers away from the north of Italy... ;-))

  2. Good wine adn lovely shees - could not be better

  3. Your photos are beautiful! It looks like a fun and fantastic tour! Thank you so much for sharing. :)

  4. A fascinating bit of Italy! Loved the ancient site!

  5. We were planning a trip to Slovenia and Northern Italy, but with ISIS activity we put that on hold. :(

  6. Thanks for sharing a bit from your trip. I'm sure you have lots of processing to do after such an amazing trip, as well as catching up on sleep!

    1. If you only knew how much I have to process. Ron took over 3000 photos and I'm not sure I remember all the information I was given. Lord, it was so very much in so little time. Thank you!

  7. I'm envious.
    So glad you enjoyed your trip, and that you shared your photos at
    Hope you recover from jet lag in time to enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  8. Holidays are never long enough but you seemed to get a lot out of this time that you are sharing! How cool to have such history close enough to touch.


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