Friday, March 18, 2016

Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel
 Normandy, France

I will build my church
For praise and glory to God
Redeemer be praised. 

Salvation is ours
Through death and resurrection
Of Jesus, the Christ.

And the rock still stands
Forever in praise of God
Holy is his name. 

Mont Saint-Michel took my breath away.  It is incredible!  I walked the streets, climbed the stairs to the abbey.  It is another masterpiece, created to the glory of God.  When you stand on the parapets, you cannot help but be touched by the immensity of the undertaking.  And immediately I recalled the words of our Lord, Jesus Christ in Matthew 16:13-18.

When Jesus went into the region of Caesarea Phillipi he asked his disciples, "Who do people say that the Son of Man is?"  They replied, "Some say John the Baptist, others Elijah, still others Jeremiah or one of the Prophets.  "He said to them, "But who do you say that I am?"  Simon Peter said in reply, "You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God." Jesus said to him in reply, "Blessed are you Simon, son of Jonah,  for flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but my heavenly Father."  And so I say to you, You are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of the netherworld will not prevail against it.

And so I heartily say,
Thanks be to God!!


 recuerda mi corazon for Haiku My Heart. There is always more beautiful words  there to enchant and encourage!!! 

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  1. Hello Cathy, lovely view. The Abbey sounds amazing. I am so glad you enjoyed your visit. Lovely photo. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  2. beautiful view. vry nice.
    best susa

  3. It would definitely take MY breath away also. What a treasure.

  4. welcome home dear friend! how blessed are we to share your inspiring adventure through your shared photographs and haiku. you awakened memories of building glorious drip sand castles from my youth and for striving to live a life that is informed through an open heart.

  5. Hello Cathy
    I have been to Mont St Michel and walked the narrow streets all the way up to the Abbey!
    I loved the cloistered garden, the perfect place to meditate and pray.
    My daughter stayed there for a weekend which was very special.
    Thank you for your beautiful post today I feel we have a common faith.

  6. It is beautiful and majestic, lifting one up in glory to God! I wonder how one gets there--only walking? Or maybe it's not as steep as it looks!

    1. A tram will take you to the island, but it is all walking...

  7. It is breathtaking! What a place, what a great photo! ~ Very spiritual haiku ~

    Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^

  8. I wish I could visit such a place, and perhaps I would feel that pleasure. Thanks for sharing.

  9. For me is one of the most wonderful places on earth !
    Thank you for sharing this lovely photograph of yours and your always so beautiful words, my darling Cathy, I'm always so very pleased to visit you here, sweet friend !

    With much gratitude I wish you a most wonderful weekend ever,
    sending blessings of joy to you


  10. This is a place I have longed to visit, thank you Cathy for sharing this with us and how it moved you so! So appreciate having this window into your travels! Thank you!

  11. Some things are meant to stand. Some are not. The Solid Rock is one of the former. Amen.

  12. Thank you for sharing this picture. Touched by your words. Thanks be to God. Amen.

  13. What a wonderful place! I'd love to visit.

  14. What a beautiful and inspiring place! So glad you have enjoyed your trip!

  15. Amen Cathy

    have a blessed Sunday

    much love...

  16. What an astonishing structure - WOW.
    I hope you'll come link up at - this week's linkup is up & running!

  17. Happy belated St Patrick's Day! It seems like your Holiday!


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