Saturday, April 02, 2016

The Saga of Super Pup

The Saga of Super Pup began with our trip to Italy in November. His traveling companion at that time was Buddy, already a world traveler and companion to my sister-in-law, Linda.

With our arrival home and the knowledge that Buddy could not stay forever I found that Super Pup had a cousin called Vagabond.  He too had been a traveler and would be a terrific companion for S-Pup on our next travels to France.

Meet Vagabond.

We were so excited as we began our adventure to France.  They enjoyed their flight from Evansville to Detroit and were super excited to be in a big airport like Detroit.  They napped all the way to Nice, France, and were ready willing and able to begin the tour.  They enjoyed the view of the Mediterranean from  the heights and they had a ride on the Yellow Submarine.  

I think the best part of the tour was when S-Pup and Vaga met their Monte Carlo cousin Jean.  They got on famously.  We even toasted the day. . .with water.  

The pups became the highlight of the tour as everyone looked after them, and delighted in their tales.  There is more to come with a twist in the story.  

Stay tuned.

Thanks be to God,


Today, I have a frivolous post to share with Mersad.  I invite you to join Mersad at Through My Lens.  There are wonderful posts there.  

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Mosaic Monday

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  1. I'm glad you said ... "with water". I was getting a little worried until then.

    God bless.

  2. What a fun way to highlight your trips. I love to travel and did so when I retired 8 years ago at 70. Probably won't do much anymore. A little off balance these days with store bought knees and such.

  3. So cute! looking forward to more S-pup tales ;)

  4. Cathy, I tried to respond to your comment message at the blog, but no email - would you mind emailing me so I can discuss your response? many thanks ;)

  5. A very good companion during travel. They look very smart!

  6. What perfect companions. Thank you for the smile this morning :) So glad everyone enjoyed their trip!

  7. Hello Cathy, what a fun post and adventure with Super Pup! Your pup has lots of great travel tales to share. Have a happy day!

  8. How cute is THAT! I love these sweet class travelers I meant! Your roses are pretty today but I just had to see what I was missing! Can't miss the FUN! Hugs, Diane


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