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Friday, March 04, 2016

The Golden Iris

One golden iris
Yellow as fresh made butter
Beauty to the eye

An Iris's beauty
Offers up her golden crown
And so brings us joy

I'll be gone for two weeks.  It's another great adventure, as we will be traveling to France.  I'm very excited.  

Before I leave leave I'd like to introduce you to Vagabond (Vaga), Super Pup's cousin.  They will accompany us and will be sharing the sights.  They're all packed and ready to go.  So now I need to get started.  I'll try to post when I can. . .if not I'll see you when I return.

Thanks be to God!


 recuerda mi corazon for Haiku My Heart. There is always more beautiful words  there to enchant and encourage!!! 

Finally, I am joining A Soulful Life for Soulfood Friday