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Friday, October 23, 2009

The Seven Pillars of Catholic Spirituality

The lesson last night was an instruction in how to move our Catholicity to a higher level. I have had this book for two years. In that time, I have used it as a resource in my preparation for my RCIA presentation numerous times.

Quick story...I received my copy of Rediscovering Catholicism two years ago when we visited our son, Jimmy, for Christmas in Alpharetta, GA. His parish, Saint Brigid Catholic Church, gave this book to the entire church, members and visitors alike, for Christmas and was distributed Christmas Day. I took it home, read it and was awed.

A couple of months later I used it in one of the RCIA classes as part of the topic on Reconciliation. When all was said and done, the Director of RCIA, asked where I had gotten the book. I pulled a postcard from the book that suggested one could get 2 free books to share with others and so she took it to see if she could get those two plus purchase enough for the class...about 10 candidates. The next time I saw Bev I asked her if she was able to get the books. She told me that, not only was she able to get those two books, but she was sent free of charge enough books for the rest of the class and each of the sponsors.

Enough said! This man practices what he preaches!

So that brings us to those Seven Pillars...This topic is an entire section of the book.

Those pillars are:

The Mass
The Bible
Spiritual Reading
The Rosary

When I heard these topics explained I realized that by integrating each of these pillars sincerely into my life I can't help but become "The Best Version of Myself." It's got to be laborious, for nothing good can come from stagnation and laziness. I say, "Give it a TRY." You and I certainly have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Wishing you a GRAND day!!

Thanks be to God!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Matthew Kelly and A Better Version of Myself

We came home last night, after hearing Matthew Kelly, invigorated and hope filled . When the lesson is offered in positive manner, when the instruction is given without condemnation and when you are sitting in the midst so many on the journey hanging on every word, it's hard not to come away with the intention of making every effort to, as Matthew said, "Become a better version of yourself."

He's right! I am too busy. And because of this busy-ness, I neglect ME!!! When I neglect ME then there are so many things that suffer. I was hearing last night that there are many positive ways for me to improve this "version" of me. I can only tell you that when I hear Matthew speak in a way that affirms I am important, then I WANT to do something about it. When I take care of me then I am able to care for others more efficiently and compassionately. It's not being selfish to want the best for yourself, for when you are at your best then you can offer the best to others!!!

It was truly a GRAND experience last night. I'll be back again tonight!!! Wishing you a wonderful day!! In the meantime you can visit his website, Matthew Kelly Foundation.

Thanks be to God!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Matthew Kelly: Rediscovering Catholicism

I cannot tell you how excited I am that the next two days offer me an opportunity to experience the talents of Matthew Kelly. He is a wonderful speaker who can, with his enthusiasm, lift your spirits, and motivate you to be, as he says, "A better version of yourself." And so again, I will be privileged to hear his presentation tomorrow and Thursday nights here at St. John the Baptist Church!


Thanks be to God!!!