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Monday, February 15, 2016

Companions on the Journey

I'd like to introduce you to Super Pup and Buddy.  I met Buddy last summer when we were looking at photos of "his" trip to Hungary and Austria in November the previous year with his owner, my sister-in-law, Linda.  What a great idea, I thought.  What if Buddy could accompany us to Italy and then he could share his adventure with others.

Well, pretty soon, after we continued our travels to Yellowstone, I realized I'd have to be sending Buddy home and it would be so hard to part with him.  We met Old Faithful and I fell in love with him.  What better companion for Buddy than this delightful grizzly bear.  He had such a wonderful personality and he'd be a great protector for Buddy.  Well much to my chagrin, that just wasn't going to work.  There just wouldn't be enough room for this bulky friend of ours.  

So, to my delight, I was introduced to Super Pup.  Yes, this handsome fellow said he'd be glad to accompany Buddy to Italy and watch out for him.

So it was that Super Pup and Buddy journeyed with us to Italy.  They were together through thick and thin.  Whether they were confined to a purse or backpack.  They never complained.

They would chat about the days adventures or sit quietly just reflecting on the day.


They listened intently to the tour guide as we walked the streets of Italy's ancient towns.  The view of Florence was captivating.  On the steps of the Duomo Church in Amalfi they waited for their gelato while we took photos.  They were amazed by the ruins of Rome and awestruck by the Coliseum.  

In November Super Pup and Buddy parted ways when we traveled to New Mexico to attend a memorial for a cousin of the family.  They traveled through an ice storm and into the night, these best of friends.  And so it was that Super Pup returned home alone, resting in the back pack to which he had become so accustomed.

Smile, though!  There is good news.  I learned yesterday that Super Pup's cousin Vagabond (Vaga) will be arriving on Wednesday.  He's agreed that he and Super Pup should be traveling companions and he'd accompany him to France in March.  Super Pup is looking forward to his arrival.

I just couldn't leave today with our sharing another photo from our Italian adventure.  This is a panorama of the Bay of Naples with Mount Vesuvius in the background.

Thanks be to God!


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