Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chocolate Lesson

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Has anyone been to Hersey PA? It's a delightful town. It is also a town INFUSED with the smell of chocolate!

"No!" you say.

If you have never been there you really don't know what I mean. It smells wonderful!!!!! A "factory town" that smells GOOD!

I probably would never have gone to Hersey had our son, Wes, not taken a position there as an athletic trainer there. We helped him move from VA to PA and though he was there only a short time I wouldn't have missed that experience for the world.

So this lesson comes from the book I read earlier this month, The Chocolate Snowman Murders by JoAnna Carl.

The Chocolate Comes to the U.S.

The earliest chocolate manufacturer in what is today the United States is believed to have been an Irishman, John Hannon, who came to Dorchester, Massachusetts, in 1765. although much information about Hannon remains unsubstantiated...he apparently had learned how to make chocolate in London. In Dorchester Hannon got financial backing from a man name James Baker.

Hannon's fate is a mystery. He was reportedly lost at sea...Leaving his company in the care of James Baker. Baker bought our Mrs. Hannon and thus was born Baker's Chocolate, a company that is still around. Today it's owned by Kraft Foods. (pg 80)

So now you know!

Thanks be to God!

Editorial Comment: Proud to be Irish!

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  1. Very interesting!
    Now I'll have to get the book!

    And, yes, we've been to Hershey a few times, and you are right about the delicious smell! And I love the Hershey Kisses on the lamp posts! Our kids and nieces and nephews loved Hershey Park, so for a few years we went once a year, and we also did Gettysburg (I love chocolate, but not the amusement park so much, but the history ~ YES!).
    Nice post!

  2. I avoid chocolate because of migraines so that would be a huge temptation!!

  3. This was very inteesting, Cathy and something I could relate to easily. although I have never been to Hershey, PA (would like to go someday, though), I grew up in a neighborhood in chicago that was only a block away from a chocolate factory. I think it was Brachs, but I am not sure, but the smell was heavenly!!
    Isn't it so awesome that an Irishman got his ball rolling in the states? Another kudo for Irish pride!

    blessings and hugs,


  4. oh wow.. sounds like a dangerous place for me.. I love chocolate but as another poster said.. chocolate and migraines just don't mix well, of course I crave it that much more!!


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