Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Reflection on Motherhood

I feel I need to make up for my inability to upload pics to go with my previous post (though I don't know how to do that as I see them when I open the blog...[shrug]). So here goes!!!!

A Possible Career Indicator

"...Children's clever imaginations often lead them into actions and antics that may give parents an indication of their future career choice. For example, one woman years ago overheard her young son and daughter playing in the backyard, digging trenches and building forts to guard against an attack by imaginary enemy agents called 'the diarrheas.' Her son is now an engineer, and the daughter is enrolled in medical school."
Excerpt from Humor Me, I'm Your Mother!
by Barbara Johnson

Hope this makes you smile. It did me when I read it. Any career indicators you all might want to share?

A quick one for me...My oldest daughter loved to color and by the age of three I could sit her at the table with crayons and coloring book and she would color until I had cleaned nearly all the house. She is now teaching art to high school students. She loves to spend hours scrap-booking, sewing, and photography.

My best to all!
Thanks be to God!


  1. This was another great post!

    My youngest daughter always loved playing with baby dolls, and as she got older she always loved little children. Now she works with disabled children in a nearby Children's Hospital.

  2. My eldest is fascinated with computers and computer gaming since he started figuring out dad was gaming on and off and he found it was for fun. Then, as he grew, he started thinking about games that could be more fun and less frustrating for his age . . . he is now starting to take classes in HS for programming. I say he'll take it to a college and/or military.

    My daughter has always been very good with art and making stuff out of seemingly nothing (like she asked to use some cotton balls; she made a cotton ball dog with a ribbon collar - she was probably in third grade when she made that). She is very exacting and can figure stuff out quick. She is interested in writing (she writes stories some times) and she also likes to bake . . . I see her writing, but I see her doing something in the arts.

    The youngest has declared since he was about 9 that he is being called to the Priesthood. If that changes, I can see him being a wonderful father to many children; a good husband, and employed in teaching or being a vet.

    I pray they live to prove me right or wrong - and that I can live long enough to see them be what they want to be. God, if it be Your will.

  3. Hmmm...my oldest daughter always said she likes being the boss of others. Although she graduated with a degree in biology, she ended up being the manager of a large apt. complex...now she is blessed to be a stay at home (bossy) mom! :o)

    blessings and hugs,



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