Saturday, August 08, 2009

The Dignitiy of Life

A few days ago I was visited via email by someone who offered both a compliment and criticism of A Bit of the Blarney. It was suggested that I had a nice blog, but I was mistaken in my views and opinions on ProLife. I was slightly taken aback as A Bit of The Blarney really is not a forum for the ProLife Movement, just a place where I can share and offer who I am to you.

Though I find that I don't pointedly make reference to the movement itself, I do promote the quality of life and that, indeed, is ProLife. I went to this person's blog and found it a dark place to be. It was cold and without life. I deleted the email, accepted it for what it was worth, and went on my merry way.

Apparently, the Good Lord has other ideas about how I should handle that particular email. For two nights ago I was visited in a dream. Lest you be skeptical about the reality and value of dreams one only has to go to Holy Scripture to find it used often to instruct and embolden.

So it is that I ask the Holy Spirit to guide me in this endeavor. First, I enjoy a debate as well as the next person. But when I am right, and in this case I am, and it becomes an argument for the sake of arguing, then I don't want to continue the dialog. That's why I initially discarded the email.

I have been guided to say, in the gentleness of our Savior this.

Whether you believe in a Creator or not, one must understand that in order for the conception of a child to take place it requires two living cells (life). For those cells to begin to grow into this life they must be joined (living life). When these living cells grow and divide they become a living work of art (viable life). And by any law, Divine or man made, to end that life is murder.

Perhaps, this is way too simplistic but if it gets too complex then somehow the true meaning of life loses its value in the mechanics of science. It then is no longer personal. And life is personal!!!! It is real!!! It has value!!!!! The point is that life is valuable at ALL times!!! The life of a person should have dignity from its conception to natural death.

When someone does not see or accept the concept and value of the life given to us all I have to ask that person to rate his/her value. Is the dignity they share with the rest of us greater than the lowliest of us? And if so why? Who places the value on the life of a human? Finally, I think the most important question I'd like to ask is, "Do you like who you are and does this affect how you value the life and gifts of others?"

And so to the one who sent me the email I must say thank you! And to the One-Who-Visits-Me-I-My-Dreams I must thank heartily for giving me the words and the courage to post this offering.

Let it be known that I will post all comments from those who chose to do so, whether in agreement or dissent. But I will not argue or debate the point. For I am right. Abortion is WRONG and LIFE IS THE MOST VALUABLE THING ANY OF US WILL EVER HAVE.
For as Archbishop Fulton Sheen said, "Life is worth living."

Thanks be to God

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  1. Amen, amen, alleleuia!

    Well written and thought out, Cathy...really love it.

    Although my visitor did not critique my blog, as you know (since I sent you that e-mail long ago) I had a commenter from a very dar blog and that alone upset me. I prayed for her and I still do, fo that is the answer.

    This seems to go way beyond just that visitor and all the way to all of us to be strong in what we believe and furthermore to pray!

    blessings, hugs and kudos,


  2. Thank you, Cathy, for expressing this so eloquently.

    I used to be "pro-choice" until offered a position in a women's oncology (cancer) unit. The person offering the position added an afterthought: sometimes women undergoing late-term abortions would be treated there, and sometimes the baby would be born alive. My job would entail placing the baby - breathing and crying - into a basin in the "dirty utility room" and returning to take care of the "mother".

    How bizarre to refer to that woman as a "mother" when her first action is to sanction the death of her child.

    By the way, I found a post the other day which found a different way of expressing the value of life. The post is found at

  3. Amen!

    I find it interesting that there are those who will shout and scream about 'rights' but yet they think they have the right to choose who lives and who dies. I've never understood that position.

    And I've never understood the 'Pro-CHOICE' term because they seem to only value the choice of abortion and never promote the choice for life. When they talk about choice they are only talking about the choice to abort, I've never seen them counsel on the other end of the 'debate'.
    The pro-LIFE fully admit that they are for life and promote ONLY that.
    If you are pro-choice, that's just another way to say you are in support of a woman's right to choose death over life. Call it what it is. It's not a woman's right to do as she pleases with her own body when her own body now is home to another life. Pro-choice is her right to kill another life. That's a fact nobody likes to admit, so they hide the ugliness behind supposedly affirmative terminology.
    Argue to your heart's content but no matter what you say, if you have an abortion you are stopping a life from coming into this world. You are pro-death.

  4. There are folks out there who stalk anyone who even remotely states pro-life views. It's not politically correct to be pro-life these days.

    You are pro-life, but I would not call this an activist pro-life blog. You are honest about your beliefs, but you share so much more than beliefs about the sanctity of life. You celebrate life! I love reading your entries - and listening to the music!

    I'm more blatant in my views about abortion than you are dear lady, so I have attracted a number of critical comments, and even indirect threats!

  5. Thank you for this was a treasure...

  6. Brave warrior woman you! May God continue to visit you in your dreams and may you continue to share the messages he places there.

  7. This is just a beautiful post! Beautiful in it's simplicity and perfect choice of words. Keep having dreams.

    P.S My troll calls me the "c" word and wishes for my death so things could be worse...;-)

  8. Cathy, how brave are you? I think it wonderful that you can and do express your most precious of opinions with friends you trust and who love and trust you. I was absolutely horrified that someone sent you that kind of e-mail and in reading your comments I see others have received them as well.
    As a mother whose son has passed believe me I would take him back in any way, shape or form. I like to think that all bloggers show respect to each other and their opinions and am disappointed to learn this is not always the case.
    I, too believe in life but I also believe and trust God to help those who needs guidance and help when in a position or circumstance I have never known.
    Our prayers are especially needed for all those involved, the uninformed, the sick, the helpless and for the unborn child. I can't imagine having to do what NC Sue had to do, my prayers are for her as well.....thank you for sharing my friend, you are so blessed to have had such a eye opening dream. Have a wonderful w/k.....:-) Hugs

  9. Hello dear Cathy, I so admired your post in response to the e-mail. I agree, your post is your place to express your views. I love to discuss too, but a truth is not to switched around to fit society. I am Catholic also and recognized your reference to the encyclical of the Pope. I found you through someone else's blog. I can't remember well enough to remember who it was. Drop by sometime.

  10. Cathy, bless you for taking heed of your dream (and the Holy Spirit) as to how to respond, and for sharing this with all of your readers.

  11. We must continue to pray for those sad people and ... never stop to fight the good battle :)

  12. I totally believe in the dream-as- message thing.
    You are right, and nothing you have ever said here has been contrary to the teaching on human life - as far as my knowledge goes!
    Bishop Sheen sums it up so well.
    Thanks Cathy for your honesty and openeness in this - and who knows you might just have added a little brightness to the darkness.

  13. Simply and perfectly said, Cathy! Praying, in sorrow and hope, for your commentor; praying in joy and gratitude for you.

  14. God blesses you every time you speak for His Truth. Thank you for this testimonial truth: life is sacred from natural conception to natural death. Period.


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