Saturday, March 27, 2010

Picture Puzzle Day

Green and yellow, what lovely colors. They speak of hope and optimism. If there are two things this world need now are HOPE AND OPTIMISM. I think pessimism has carried us through the winter. Now we have to let it go and rise to a new day.

Daffodil yellow
Fragrances sweet and mellow
Spring rises in them.

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Join me please today as we share a spring day just before we begin to celebrate the beginning of the holiest weeks of the year. Let us begin with hope that comes to fruition in the Resurrection.

I would ask you to share a picture of hope, as you see it, and challenge all of us to enjoy it as we put all the pieces together. Something broken that we can make whole. Enter the world of JigZone and play along today!

Thanks be to God!

Please share your hope by inviting us through Mr Linky.


  1. Looking forward to all that Spring hope too :)

  2. Yay for sunshine... although it is getting too hot at this side of the world!


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