Sunday, May 08, 2011

From Cocoon to Butterfly

Yesterday found Miss Ainsley in her nice warm cocoon!  Secure in her warm blanket she sharing sister's room as she does when Grandpa and Grandma come to visit.  Her day would be one of evolution, excitement and transformation.  It was a terrific ride.  Ainsley made her first Holy Communion yesterday.

It was so much fun watching her get her hair done.  From beginning to end it was a real metamorphosis?  Truly from Cocoon to Butterfly

Butterflies are always beautiful and this one is no different.


Thanks be to God!

Now please visit Mary at The Little Red House and share in the beauty offered there.   Lisa at  Macro Monday  also has much to offer.  The pictures are grand.


  1. Great series of pictures, she's beautiful. What a smile! Congratulations!

  2. She looks beautiful Cathy. Congratulations to Ainsley.

  3. Oh how beautiful, there's nothing like making your 1st Holy Communion, I remember mine very well. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Have a great day! I'm now Following your blog. Please stop by when you have a moment, I love company and new friends are always welcome.


  4. Such a wonderful day First Communion is. I have beautiful picture of all our girls. Such innocence and special beauty of soul. She is beautiful. It is a tradition in our family to get a blessed kiss from the 1st. communicate after the service.The boys even will do it. They are move into hugs though, it seems. Blessings

  5. What a lovely post! She looks like a little angel.

  6. Congrats to Ainsley! She is a beautiful little girl. Love the mosaic showing the new hairdo.

  7. A happy and blessed First Holy Communion to your beautiful grand daughter! Beautiful photos!

  8. Isn't she the sweetest little darling!!! Thanks so much for visiting and for your sweet comments. Hope your week is wonderful. :)

  9. Oh, what a special day! Congratulations and many Blessings!
    Joy to all!
    Thanks so much for sharing this!
    Love and Prayers,

  10. Beautiful girl; beautiful day! :)


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