Sunday, December 08, 2013

Feed the Birds


Had a pretty good snow here this week!!!  Ron has diligently worked at keeping the birds fed.  Reminded me of Mary Poppins and the woman who fed the birds.  Have been humming the song all weekend.

Was so disappointed that I could not go out and photograph them so tried it through the kitchen window...the window screen added to the effects.  Not exactly what I had hoped for but here it is nonetheless.  Wishing all a grand week!

Thanks be to God!


Visit The Little Red House and share in the beauty offered there.    The pictures all are an inspiration!

  Today's link to Provident God.


  1. You got some good photos of your feathered friends. I love the little squares of Christmas 'paper' you used in your mosaic, too! Great job!

  2. This is a great mosaic! I love the fact that the photo colors are so mute. Lovely.

  3. Feeding the birds is one of my most favourite things to do. ;)

  4. The majority of my shots are through the window too, yours turned out quite nice.

  5. I thought you had edited your photos with some softening texture. The window screen adds a lovely effect.

  6. I am sure the bird appreciate the food, especially with all the snow around. Love the bird photos and mosaic! Have a happy week!


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