Sunday, December 01, 2013

Mosaic Monday...The Change of Holidays

Change is ongoing in life and at this time of year all sorts of decorating changes take place.  First there was Halloween...And then preparations for Thanksgiving Day.  The day before there was delivered this gorgeous bouquet with all the glorious colors of Fall!  By the next day considerations for Christmas decorating began.  We live to change and yet "change" is so very hard to accept sometimes.

So the bouquet is will not be overlooked.  I have placed it where I will see it each morning for breakfast, until of course its flowers wilt and fade away.  

Still preparation for Christmas must go forward...and because we have two new kittens there will be no Christmas tree this year.  Wait 'til you see what the stand in will be.

Thanks be to God!


Visit The Little Red House and share in the beauty offered there.    The pictures all are an inspiration!

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  1. A beautiful bouquet to wake up to, Cathy!! Christmas decorating brings so much joy to a home,doesn't it? Hope you enjoy your time decking the halls of your home!


  2. Your bouquet of fall flowers is beautiful. I would enjoy seeing them every morning too. Have fun decorating. Have a happy week!

  3. Hello dear Cathy
    you have created a beautiful mosaic with your Thanksgiving bouquet and your Christmas decorating pieces.
    Christmas is my favourite season - in New Zealand we don't "do" Halloween or Thanksgiving.
    Christmas is the time for our families to rally together and celebrate.

    1. I sometimes forget that not everyone celebrates the same holidays we do. Christmas,too, though is always the best of family times!!! Wishing you well!!

  4. ha ha ha been there done that some years with kittens and you just brought back a memory of us blocking off a tree with everything under the sun when one of my boys was six months old and crawling. LOL that must have been the WORST DECOR EVER that year! :)

    Lovely collage :)

  5. Enjoy your kittens! They grow up so fast. I look forward to seeing what you'll substitute for a tree. ;)

  6. Two new kittens will be fun. Perhaps a decorated scratching post instead of a tree? The bouquet is colourful and pretty.

  7. The flowers are lovely my friend and I know you are enjoying them. I read your Irish blessing aloud to my husband just now. It made us feel good. Sweet hugs!

  8. It is a busy time of year but there are so many blessings that come with it! Love your photos.

  9. Hi Cathy, I read your two little kittens sentence to my daughter and she said she's give up the Christmas tree in a heartbeat for two new kittens. Lol. I then pointed out that we already have two older kittens and she said good point. Hope you have a lovely week ahead. :)

  10. We don't have kittens but the big tree is a little tree these days and just enough decorations to make the grands happy. Just not able to produce 24 handmade gifts this year so will make a donation to a new ministry of the SCN for children of sex workers in India in their names. They will each get a child's name and a face to pray for. Blessings

  11. Beautiful. Happy Thanksgiving.

  12. Thanks for sharing your beautiful flowers!! Yep - Many times kittens and Christmas trees don't mix well. Been there! :)
    Thanks for stopping by.
    Have a great week.


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