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Saturday, March 04, 2017

Rainbow For Renewal

Rainbows add joy to our lives.

It seems I got so busy last year that my home here has taken a back seat to the other thinks in my life.  Life is good and all has been well, but for some reason A Bit of the Blarney had to be quiet.  Perhaps, it needed time to rejuvenate.  We will see.  For the time being I'b back.  

Last year became very busy.  In March we went to France and enjoyed our time there.  There was the Keller Family Reunion in July!  What a treat that was in the beautiful city of Charlotte, NC.  After Labor Day we went to Montana so we could visit the western part of the state and and especially Glacier National Park.  Sharing the time with my youngest brother and his wife was so very enjoyable. 

Beautiful forests in Glacier National Park

Last fall we returned to Italy, this time to visit Venice and revisit Florence, Assisi, and Rome.  It is such a thrill to walk where the ancients have walked.  There is just not enough time to see all that you want to see.

So this month we begin a pilgrimage to Fatima and Lourdes.  To visit those places where miracles have happened.  I want to experience this for myself.  I just cannot put into words what this will mean to me.  


Begin the journey
Pilgrims in Holy Places
Find solace and love

I guess that's what I hope I will find there.  Just to keep on journeying is such a thrill.

Thanks be to God!!


Monday, December 08, 2014

Hope in Time of Change

Know it's been a long time since I have offered A Bit of the Blarney.  I have had so much going on that the computer has not been part of the plan.  But now, times have changed.  
Changes come in so many ways and the last 6 months have offered many opportunities  for change.  I have learned a great deal about change of late.  

So what has changed?  I have retired.  Yes, indeed, and that is a change.  Friends have asked me what my plans are for retirement?  My answer, "I don't have any plans."  The truth is my plans include just trying to adjust.  I have time to spend doing things I've wanted to do and yet it will have to wait...

Well, because we are moving...not far, but moving nonetheless.  And considering the season it will take some time to get organized.  Those who know me know that organization is something in which I have limited skill.  So, the reason for "hope."  I think that just getting the house decorated will be the first thing I will work to achieve at this early time in my retirement.  

Thanks be to God!!!



Sunday, December 01, 2013

Mosaic Monday...The Change of Holidays

Change is ongoing in life and at this time of year all sorts of decorating changes take place.  First there was Halloween...And then preparations for Thanksgiving Day.  The day before there was delivered this gorgeous bouquet with all the glorious colors of Fall!  By the next day considerations for Christmas decorating began.  We live to change and yet "change" is so very hard to accept sometimes.

So the bouquet is will not be overlooked.  I have placed it where I will see it each morning for breakfast, until of course its flowers wilt and fade away.  

Still preparation for Christmas must go forward...and because we have two new kittens there will be no Christmas tree this year.  Wait 'til you see what the stand in will be.

Thanks be to God!


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