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Saturday, September 19, 2009


I especially like this quote because wondering leads us to many things. If we wonder that means we are alive. If we wonder, we are still inquisitive. If we wonder, we can still be awed by what we realize. If we wonder, we are still interested in all that intimately touches our lives.

So today I wonder:

1) Will it rain?

2) When will baby Daniel make his entrance into this glorious world?

3) Why do dogs bark and do they understand each other when they do?

4) How do potters have the skill of creating a pot?

5) What in the brain allows someone to create a computer program that I am missing?

I wonder about these things and others. I often wonder what skill it is that I have and have overlooked or have let lay fallow and not used. What do you wonder about?

Have a grand weekend!!!


Thanks be to God!!!

Oh!! Thank you is in order!! I received the Silly Goose Award from MightyMom at My Wonderful Life for my entry on her Thesaurus Thursday offering. Visit! Give it a try! It was great fun!!