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Friday, September 17, 2010

Bad Haiku Friday

Cross country running
Challenging and demanding
Discipline for life.


Grandson, Neil,  is in the 5th grade and has started running cross country this year.  This brings back fond memories of when his mother, uncles, and aunt ran cross country.  The training requires discipline and stamina and most of all a desire to run and finish the race.  

The life of a Christian is not unlike that of a cross country runner.  Through hills and valleys the runner must run in order to cross the finish line.  We who follow Christ find those very same hills and valleys, but with proper training and the will to train, we too will find the discipline to carry on for the prize at the finish line here is priceless.  

So this weekend we are off to South Knox for yet another adventure.  We're going to be there to encourage Neil in his race to the finish line.

Thanks be to God!

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