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Friday, April 03, 2009

Taking Up the Cross

Take a walk with me as we journey through this last Friday before Holy Week begins. The last day before the mundane days of Lent take on the true celebration of who we are as Catholic Christians. The reason we are who we are, the reason we endeavor to walk and live this life of holiness, though it be fraught with pot holes, road blocks, greed, and selfishness. Please reflect on the words of John Shea.

Taking Up the Cross

Taking up the cross comes with the territory of discipleship. Once we begin to be as compassionate and inclusive as Jesus, we rankle other people. They make moves against us and we begin to suffer.

At this moment, we are invited to adopt an attitude toward our suffering. Here is a teenager's rendition of how Jesus suggests we should act:

Jesus was no dummy. He sees the cross coming. Look at what he was doing! He's touching qll the unclean people, eating with outcasts, breaking up the temple money game, criticizing corruption. He wants a better world, but a lot of people are doing real well in the world as it is. They are not going to give up and fade away. This is notnew.

Now Peter--there's a dummy. Jesus lays it out for yim--the cross, the resurrection, the whoe thing--and he says, "No way."

Jesus is not happy.

So Jesus says to him, "Not only for me but you too, Peter."

So now Peter is not happy.

So Jesus tells him--and here's the thing I like--Jesus tells him, "Don't let them lay the cross on you, Peter. Take it up. Don't let them lay it on you. Take it up."

Wow! You gotta love Jesus for that.

When we know the price of following Jesus and are willing to pay it, the inevitable sufferings do not make us victims. We become provocative, taking into ourselves the cost of discipleship.


Engage the struggle for a better world;
embrace the suffering that comes with it.


Enough said!! Have a blessed and holy Friday!


Thanks be to GOD!!!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Saint Teresa of the Andes and Carmelites of Chile

Juanita Fernandez Solar was born to a wealthy family on July 10 1900, in Santiago, Chile. Devoted to her faith and inspired by the autobiography of Saint Therese of Lisieux, she entered the cloistered community of the Discalced Carmelites ... She was given the name of Sister Therea of Jesus. Her deep spiritual life was revealed in the many letters she wrote while in the convent.

But Teresa's life as a religious was to be short. She died...less than a year later during Holy Week, on April 12, 1920, a few months before her 20th birthday.

She was canonized in 1993.

The Little Black Book
Lent, 2009


Thanks be to God!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Letter from Shannon

By e-mail I got an update from China Little Flower and the work Shannon Walsh is doing for those unfortunate children she works with. And so this I share with you...


I could not get the letter to link so this is the best I could do...just click for larger view. And here is the link to Shannon's web page, China Little Flower

The work she does with these children and the love she gives them. Oh, my! And all this with the love and sincere trust of Our Lord! My best to you all and have a Grand Day!!!

Thank be to God!!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Return From "Narnia"

One never knows what really awaits when you venture out on retreat. Again, this week we had an ice storm. It was not nearly as bad as the one last week, but it was an ice storm none-the-less. As we entered the grounds of the monastery at St. Meinrad I was reminded of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. It was all so surreal. Ice glistened on the branches of all the trees. Everything was white and pure. It was Holy!

And so it was for all of us as we began our "journey" at St. Meinrad Archabbey.

The icicles hung from the Celtic cross. The lawn was glazed as if with powdered sugar icing.
And then you enter the "kingdom."
All guests who arrive should be received as Christ,
for he himself will say,
I was a stranger and you took me in.
(The Gift of Saint Benedict by Verna a Holy Head SGS and Lynne Muir)

It was a time of peace and community. Women, gathering in the Abbey Church for vespers and morning prayer, sharing their love of God. The chanting of the monks and the beauty of the Word of God proclaimed in the midst of these men of God, and the Mass seeming to bring us to the Gates of Heaven. The retreat is not silent, but it is reflective. It was joyful, yet had its time for introspection. We laughed, cried, hugged and were affirmed. We were in the presence of God!


Thanks be to God!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Always I Am Guided by the Spirit

Photo by Elisa Mary Pamelia, 2006

Yesterday I read in the blog Poetry, Prayer, and Praise a wonderful prayer for the souls in purgatory by St. Gertrude. To my surprise, this morning I opened my book of meditation for Pope John Paul II to find this . Today is the feast of "St. Gertrude, the Theologian of the Sacred Heart" and so if you will allow I will send this to you for reflection.

I wish you abundant heavenly favors in your commitment to preparing yourselves for the tasks awaiting you in life and accomplishment of good. . .a propitious occasion for living the Christian life intensely and opening the doors of your hearts to Christ.

I would particularly remind you of the great German mystic St. Gertrude (1256-1301). . .and she has rightly been described as 'the theologian of the Sacred Heart.' It is important indeed to know the personalities and spiritualities of our saints so as to be able to imitate them in the life of grace and testimony and to call upon them at moments of bewilderment and of temptation.

As St. Gertrude often recommended. I exhort you also to have always total trust in Jesus, or Redeemer and Friend, so as to be good. . .and worthy of esteem, making yourselves and those who love you happy.

I impart my blessing to all from my heart.

16 November 1983 from Insegnamenti di Giovanni Paolo II
And to this I say, "Thanks be to God."