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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Mosaic Monday/Macro Monday

Easter Eggs, Kitty Cats and Puppy Dogs.

It was a grand weekend before the rains came on Easter Sunday.  In all 18 eggs I only had one crack during boiling.  A miracle!!!  Sam found he was out of the way while napping on the piano.  And just look at Duchess as she stays for her treat!  Yes, indeed, it was a good day!

After the hail and rain...this glorious blossom appeared. 

WHEN the sun comes after rain
And the bird is in the blue,
The girls go down the lane
Two by two.

When the sun comes after shadow
And the singing of the showers,
The girls go up the meadow,
Fair as flowers.

When the eve comes dusky red
And the moon succeeds the sun,
The girls go home to bed
One by one.

And when life draws to its even
And the day of man is past,
They shall all go home to heaven,
Home at last.
by Robert Louis Stevenson

Thanks be to God!

Now please visit Mary at The Little Red House and share in the beauty offered there.   Lisa at  Macro Monday  also has much to offer.  The pictures are grand.