Wednesday, July 15, 2009

One Word Meme

Art by Mary Engelbreit


Lisa at Are We There Yet offered this challenge...And it was a challenge! ONE WORD! I could write a book re: some of these questions. And so for a "babbling brook" this will be a challenge! Enjoy!

>> Copy and change the answers to suit you and pass it on. It’s really hard to use only one-word answers. Be sure to tag the person who sent it to you!

1. Where is your cell phone? purse
2. Your hair? short
3. Your mother?Loyce
4. Your father? William
5. Your favorite food? spaghetti
6. Your dream last night? hamburgers
7. Your favorite drink? tea
8. Your dream/goal? retirement
9. What room you are in? office
10. Your hobby? knitting
11. Your fear? drowning
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Newburgh
13. Where were you last night? home
14. Something that you aren’t? patient
15. Muffins? blueberry
16. Wish list item? Prius
17. Where you grew up? Colorado
18. Last thing you did? read
19. What are you wearing? nightgown
20. Your TV? off
21. Your pets? two
22. Friends? dear
23. Your life? exciting
24. Your mood? sleepy
25. Missing someone? yes
26. Car? Camry
27. Something you’re not wearing? watch
28. Your favorite store? Kohls
29. Your favorite color? blue
30. When is the last time you laughed? today
31. Last time you cried? good-byes
32. Who will resend this? readers
33. One place that I go to over and over? work
34. One person who emails me regularly? Kay
35. My favorite place to eat? Rafferti's

I am not passing this tag to anyone just as Lisa did not but if you feel like participating, feel free to do so. Just let me know so I can add your link and visit you.

Marcy at Blessings Each Day
Melissa at Shabby Blue Bungalow
Lee at View from the Choir
Thanks be to God!


  1. Well, I did this Cathy, but you did a much better job than I did as I just had to add on to it...and my post was already full of 'eating crow' anyway. Love that cute picture you found to post with this!!

    Actually drowning IS a big fear mine too. And Kohl's has such great sales that it is my favorite store. We share alot of the other things in common too!

    blessings and hugs,


  2. This was fun getting to know you a little better!
    I saw that Marcy did it too. I'll probably be doing it tomorrow, I have both grandkids today.

    Nice job!

  3. I enjoyed reading your answers. I did this one too. :)

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Have a great day!

  4. Wow. A tough one! I hope I can do half the job you did!

  5. I enjoyed reading your one word meme so I thought I'd give it a try.

    I love listening to your music playlist! I'm listening to Tony Bennett right now.

    Have a great day!!

  6. I did it. Took a little thinking.

  7. That was fun. I like Khols too, seem to find what I need all the time. I find it funny you dreamed about hamburgers, haha


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